World Boss (Einod) Repawn Time

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    • World Boss (Einod) Repawn Time


      In 5.1, the worldboss Einod and other bosses that drop the new extend were spawning more times per day, like every 2h (2H after its death). In this new patch 5.3, they spawn more rarely, like 1 time per day.

      Having 1 boss per day when others kill it during the day, so when others are at school or work... how others are supposed to get an extend (it was already hard in 5.1 to get the extend greastword/polearm from this boss) if the spawning time of this boss is limited to 1 per day? Do you think that 1 boss per day is enough for all the faction? 24 people who don't work during the day can kill the boss... what about others? Where is the chance of others? :( I don't think it is fair, is it possible to increase a bit the respawn time of this boss? so all the faction can benefit the chance to get the new extend?
      Without counting that if you enchant this weapon, if you fail it, it can disapear...

    • :like: I agree that has to be every 2h. More people are now hitting 73 after 5.3. This means more people will be able to farm it. I dont think that the best weapon in game has to be available only to very few people
    • There's 4 bosses that drop Bygone weapon.
      2 on Elyos and 2 on Asmo side.

      Maybe on your server asmos don't farm it, so you could give it a try and Rift there with an alliance xD

      Alternatively try the Pirate at the beach south-east, but it's a tough one ^^

      All in all, yeah, the change or better "fix" of respawns is nyerk since 5.3, undo to 5.1 settings please.
    • Pericol wrote:

      Those boss are spawned by the night/day time in game ?
      For Asmodian bosses:

      Berson (the horse located top right) spawns at 8.00 pm game time
      Ventus (the bird located down left) spawns 8.00 am game time

      You need to kill Berson before it turns day ingame, or it will disappear. Likewise for Ventus but it will disappear when it turns night. If they don't get killed they will respawn according to the time ingame. Both have 12 hours respawn after they get killed
    • @Sita Is this something that Gameforge can adjust or we need a patch from ncsoft ? Asking just to know if there is any chance this to actually happen, as if its up to ncsoft I doubt this is going to be fixed. I really hope that this "adjustment" was not made because of the 699 coin box we have(had, will have again soon) on the shop with 5 apes and chance for Bygone weapon. Its fine having it as a chance in the shop as far as we have fair access to it in game. I know that this cant happen, but what if we have shugo tomb with a chance of Bygone wep ? How ridiculous idea is that ... ? :) Just an idea
    • The reply I got is this:
      The current way they spawn is the correct one and yes, they do not respawn at a fixed time, but rather have a timeframe in which they can spawn.
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    • The question is, if Gameforge can request an adjustment to the spawn time like it was more or less incorrect in 5.1 from NCSoft.
      That way the bosses can be farmed more regularly and the items can be obtained by a wider player base, not only 1 alliance per server per day.
      I mean let's admit it, the old extendables are a bit underpowered against new pvp gear.
    • Sita wrote:

      The reply I got is this:
      The current way they spawn is the correct one and yes, they do not respawn at a fixed time, but rather have a timeframe in which they can spawn.

      Hi Sita,

      Some people already got their weapon thanks to the "respawn time bug" in 5.1, but in this patch they still continue to farm it and they don't invite other people because it's their "premade" and they would like to get the weapon as many as possible to try to make it +15 or even +20...

      Just for info, look at the stat difference between the 2 extends polearm:
      - Enhanced Deformed Catalium Polearm : Attack 297 - 553 (base)
      - Polearm of Bygone Atreia from this world boss : Attack 432 - 805 (base)
      The difference is insane and it's sad that only 1 small part of the faction can access it.

      Question for others:

      If an alliance kill this boss at 7pm (server time), any idea at what time this boss can spawn? 1am xD?
    • What he said ^
      We need shorter respawn times because as it is right now, people that arent in 1 premade alliance cant get these weapons at least thats how it is on my server Antri elyos. People are greedy and eventhough most of them have weapons already they are still farming it and dont want to let others get it so we would appreciate if you could do something about it. As of right now if things stay this way and weapon boxes dont appear in events i dont see myself getting this weapon in the near future...
    • I think rather than an increase in re-spawn numbers, wouldn't it be better to have a sort of cool-down (like of "no drop") on Alliance members who killed the World Boss? (the CD time would be applied on players who dealt a specific amount of damage to the World Boss).

      That way, those premade Alliances which always try to hog on the monster drops even-though they already have the weapons, would have to wait a while, and others can try it out instead.
      Also it would be better if the cool-down is applied on Account basis, so that those premade players won't take advantage of it, by using alters instead to farm.

      I know this would be hard to implement, but it would be sort of like a balance.
      Like 'Future Will Come'" mentioned above, "Best gear should stay hard to get."

      But it should be in a way that everyone can try to get them.