Dredgion 66+ we are happy or we need some hard changes ?

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    • Dredgion 66+ we are happy or we need some hard changes ?

      Hello all

      I want to ask how happy are u to finish the dred 66 + and i wish u can share us what u think about this and maybe some sugestions and pls refer for dred only . :)
    • I don't take dredgion srsly since 1.0, we had the freedom to decide what to do in it, rush for pve, clean first room to have some fair an decent pvp w/o mobs interferences, pvp and pve at same time, totally freedom of movements, like that it could have been a decent alternative to runatorium, which honestly with 1 entry per day is still a poor offer.
      The time to do something nice with dredgion is gone years ago. The suggestion is restore original dredgion, only option that has a sense to me.
    • Candycane wrote:

      Why wouldnt you be happy? You dont need medals or what?
      Maybe because dredgion used to be a good arena for group pvp? I don't mind the free medals, but I really miss being able to do more than just 1 group pvp instance/day (I don't count the joke that is BMR). Back with B- and C-dredgion there was a good chance of getting good pvp in there, with T-dred there was mostly rushes, but you could at least force the other group to face you at least once if you wanted it so.
    • I would also want this to be reverted to the original dred from 1.5 where there were no walls between ely and asmo in the begining, may be decrease in the mobs hp so they get cleaned fast and pvp can begin faster and cleaner. RT as lone group pvp instance is indeed too little, and honestly dred from 1.5 was even much better than, was my favourite place to spend time
    • Well, I took took the plunge and took my bard to Ash... Dreg for the first time yesterday. I saw many requests in chat to make group for ... food only.. did not know what that was all about so I went for the random group, quick entry.

      Went in, then group filled, killed one mob then everyone started leaving. I thought, okay, did they think this was a bad group so got out. Then the asmo group left and I was alone, message said, looking for group, looking for opponents.. I waited and off we went again. Then I saw what they were doing, getting the weapon thing then leaving. So I did the same.

      Joined in quick group again, this time we got the weapon but also killed a lot of mobs but did not go for the boss. Made some AP got some food and shattered spinels. The asmo side had stopped killing for points very early. So I have never gone right through this one.