How to get fast kinah?

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    • How to get fast kinah?


      First of all I want to thank to all of you who replied to my previous thread and say one big thank you for the help!

      Now I desperately need kinah. How can i get fast kinah?

      I hear people can get 60 000 000 per day. But still no one tells me how.

      What will you advice me? What to do?

      I do the quests for 1 800 000 kinah in Esterra. The one which you get once at 1 day and 16h.

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    • for arena gear u simply need to do chaos/solo/coop arena (need to be lvl 66+), barracks are instances in upper abyss forts this might be hard for lower lvl's ( were easy on my 72 AT), idk can u even do them on some classes
      u can always try ur luck in chaos rift more info __ chaos 65 elites drop wide variety of goodies
      i also do solo instance in akaron, extra ancient coin/blood marks(12) and chance to get mighty supps if u go for 5 keys
    • The problem with those Reshanta mobs is that they are Elite+ grade and lvl 73+ mobs.
      So, you would have to be good geared and also have to be high enough level so that they don't resist your attacks and kill you easily.

      As for Chaos Rift mobs, it would be hard to do them solo, because people in group would always come and take your kill because they think its not fair to hunt them solo, while stealing someone else aggro'ed monster (which they spent nearly 3 min to bring down to 50%) is fair play.
    • - do anything that gives spinel medals/shattered spinel: 1)sieges; 2)pvp instances: 3)glory arena; 4)gold arena; 5)forts in upper reshanta; 6)esterra/nosra 8kill quests; 7)blue dark quests in reshanta (x5 quests to kill commanders, gives 5x500 shattered, also x2 quests to kill 8 mobs, gives 2x700 shattered) - could be done by geared alts also. Sell spinels or save it for yourself.
      - do adred "last boss rush" - there is quest inside adred that requires to kill captain of adred. Takes about 15 mins for normal group. For very good group - about 10mins. +4,+5 manastones on your choice +50 mighty supps (save them for 5.5 to have 100% enchanting chance).
      - do gathering quests (was said above).
      - sell manastones/craft items and so on that you get in broker.
      - take a part in sanctum/pandaemonium battlefield every sunday at 21:00.
      - try to join world boss alliance (need to be 74+ preferably if you are dps, 70+ if cler) - get op weap, sell for a lot of money.