[Promo] Shugo Game (Until 05.04.2017)

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  • And I was cursing Innova for enormous p2w cash shop events... How about improving the game? Nerf the bards, upgarde the engine, manage GMs' presence (at least once a week), clean up the botlands (Esterra & Nosra), make balanced events (so players don't feel insulted), provide some extra sources of AP (or increase the reward in PvP instances, since we don't have Tiamaramta's Eye anymore).

    As for Shugo Game, I've collected enough feedback from my friends and other participatns. And I don't feel like spending kinnah on tokens. I mean come on, the guy wasted 700 tokens and didn't get any weapon at all (neither Bygone nor Paradise).
  • Well, yesterday i got very lucky and from 4 tokens on some char that i just log in i get to level 6, failed then and tried my chance (my fever got activated) and i dont know how, but our RNG god rewarded me with Box of All-Powerful Enchantment Stones =O dont have balls to see what is inside (think RNG god would just give me 5 APES) but still .. its such a RNG and lucky game :D ...(btw: i have bad thoughts that... if u have many tokens and u play it a lot, you just dont get anything... but when u have a small amounts of tokens, u get lucky - atleast that is for me :D )
  • So, After about 800 Shugo Tokens... im here with a few APE's, Upgrade Serums, Skill enhancement scrolls, medals and Stigma Boxes........ no sign of any fever rewards... its like fever is never on or something.
    How can it be that after 800 tokens a person doesnt even get a SINGLE Fever reward from level 8...(being the rewards in level 8 you can only get when fever is enabled) sure i got 2 APE's more or 2 serums more.... but mostly its just 10 medals or skill enhancement scrolls... this event has been a scam in the eyes of many of the players i have asked that played it. i havent heard of a single case where someone got what he wanted.... even after spending 500+ tokens... which is insane. The event is called the same but it seems the rates at which level 8 is reached are rediculously small compared to previous shugo game events...Mind you, THIS IS €400,00 WE ARE TALKING ABOUT...... and nothing to show for it. How can this be a nice event....
  • Gzus wrote:

    Why not buy coins for that amount, sell gp and buy the item u want off someone who already got it?
    You got a point here. But at least on my server antriksha, people sell bygone weap boxes for 5b, now immagine what you can get for 5b. Gready ppl that just wait that some poor soul gonna donate hundreds of euros to buy the box, and after they might fail it on +4. And since many ppl dont have a chance to farm boss "because of premades" so ppl might rather buy many many coins and hope for luck and some returned money at least and weap ofc. But seems the event is utter nerfed. Once again, well done gf.
  • I didnt spend euros.... i spend 500kk on 50 tokens once.... but kept getting rewards like serums etc enough to sell back for 50 more tokens.. etc etc etc to about 800 tokens..... but in all those tokens....no bygone chest or any other fever rewards for that matter...800 tokens is just 400 euros in AionCoin
  • Then u were one of the smart ones :)
    Aion has always been trolling its players especially when it comes to gambling like features.
    Funny enough u have more chances to get a bygone if u farm it yourself.
    The way i see it mainly gladis would want a bygone cus that would bring them to the 2.x status when bakarma was op.
    I am somewhat glad not everyone is dropping bygones in boxes...that would really make the gap insane.
    I never did understand the rush to be in 75 ap first day of the update and being end game gear capped.
    Just a random thought... Owning someone while wearing rune is a bit more rewarding :p
  • Well to be honest i play when i can with who i can and sometimes if i'm on mood to do that but speaking about this event it was another huge hammer on all players'head from the start but ppl didn't believed and some still hope for good drop .

    And again we all HOPE for better :) ...Don't trust much on events i learned that after almoust 5 years of aion.....