Gathering question

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    • Gathering question

      I not played for a quiet sometime so am not sure if it's change or not but i am trying to gather Brilliant Magical Aether but i can't seem to get any, i looked on AionDB and it's not longer in the gathering from Magical Aether, i looked at the item also but it dose not say where it's collected from so am a bit confused.

      Any help would be appreciated.
    • I am afraid you cannot gather any green/blue/gold items unless it's bundles from herbs/woods/fibers
      this was changed with 4.9

      patchnotes 4.9 - page 16 wrote:

      Material items and collectibles have been simplified.
      o The previously varying values of materials have been removed. Only one variation isused now.
      o So that simplified items can be distinguished, the normal materials have beenrenamed to ‘Icy’.
      o The previously varying materials cannot be received through monster drops, as bagitems, through crafting/transformation or from NPCs anymore.
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