Drop Rate Tests

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    • Drop Rate Tests

      So, apparently the old thread has disappeared into thin air, with the forum makeover.
      And since i've returned, to play the game as casually as possible (means less frequent updates, probably once, every 2 weeks). I decided to continue making tests.

      Tests conducted in 2016 were done with an activated character development pack (+20% drop rate)
      The first 2 tests of 2017 were done while returnee buff was active (+10% drop rate) but no CD pack were used this time.
      PS. The counter is still broken, so i've used the 60 mobs kill quests + x2 40 from under town.

      Switched over to Spiritmaster.
      Following quests will be done with this lvl 69 char.

      Bought a character development pack. So +20% cd pack, and +10% returnee bonus.

      Normal mobs.

      graph normal.jpg

      2016.09.082016.09.092016.09.092016.09.102016.09.122016.09.122016.10.072016.10.132016.10.232016.10.312017.04.022017.04.10 2017.04.15 2017.04.29

      Trash mobs.

      graph trash.jpg

      2016.09.082016.09.102016.09.112016.09.272016.10.072016.10.152016.10.272017.03.30 2017.04.17

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    • My theory about the drop is that because after 5.1 we have more drop items - crafting mats and stuff so maybe thats somehow is .."fighting" with the mythical and eternal stuff drop. Also our levels are higher now, that might affect the drop rate as well. I didnt get any wings as well for couple of months, but on the other hand the broker is full with them and all kinds of myth items. Maybe bots are more lucky or just because they are lower level :) Just a thought
    • I've been farming almost bot like the 77+ mobs on a regular basis. A friend of mine did too around 600-1000 mobs daily.
      After 5.3 those mobs stopped dropping. I'm sorry I didn't keep track of it.
      He did however (big lol here) drop 2 daggers demise in 1 mob.
      During the drop rate boost I would get 4-5 eternals and 2-3 mythic every 400-500 mobs. Eternal weapons as well. I had char develop pack also.
      I think ashandarey is on to something. After the new mats were introduced gear/weapons/wings went south.

      What I would like to know is if there's some sort of quota on items. Ex: demise orb-2 drops per server till reset, etc.
    • I have always maintained that your level has an affect on the drops. It would make drop rates more complicated but I really do think that a level 66 has higher chance to drop level 66 items than a level 71. Maybe I am making it more complicated than it is but could the % drop rate for armour and weapons which have a level be linked to your characters level.

      It seems so when I am levelling low level alts too. As their level increases the total number of drops decrease. I see less of the lower level items drop but get a few more higher level items, but overall the number of drops decreases. (level 36 -45).
    • I agree. its all about lvl. im 73lvl and ofc I will not see drops that easy. sometimes I see but not like when I was 66-69lvl. we all knew that.
      I think people talk about drops because the ppl that goes 72lvl ( is not going to happen in 2 months ofc. ) when they farm and the exp is that low they just wait a drop at least to make the farm worth because obviously the exp its kinda AMAZINGN LOW ^^
      but if they drop rate kinda increase I think will be nice ^^
    • I agree 100% we would all love the drop rate to be higher. I want it higher so I can make crafting stones from the low level HD equipt. It would be better to see a higher reward v mobs killed.
    • Petschko wrote:

      Then tell us how should we play, that there are more drops :rolleyes:
      His tests are just numbers, there is nothing to learn. Its a statistic kill x mobs and count how much you got.

      It's just a flaming attempt. Prolly because he failed to do so ingame, and burnt himself instead. :)

      Now back to the topic.
      Lvl difference indeed matters. But if i remember well, there is no decrease in it, if the difference is no greater than 3 lvl.
      My char is 72, so im prety much safe from that issue.
      The wings drop have indeed decreased, but that was after the first month of 5.0 or so.
      My experiences so far are that, the earlyer you farm, the better your loot will be.
      Im not sure about a quota though.
      But if there is, well even if not. Bots are killing the market.

      Right, i almost forgot. My last weapon was dropped around 10.000 mobs earlyer.
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    • Okay so what do we have so far.

      Nic did say that the drop rates had not been altered. Given that this is the case other things must be influencing drop rates.

      Possibility that additional crafting items can have influenced the drops.

      Levels - given that you are correct and drops are only affected if you are over or under the mobs level by 3 levels. That would mean for your level 72 your drops of items below 70 will be reduced. Do the items 66 - 68 have a higher drop rate than items over 70?

      More drops earlier in the day. Have you ruled out the possibility of this being due to the +5% energy of repose buff that you get when first logging in?
    • GF thinks that if they screw up drops from events or from farm ppl will be more willing to buy event things or drop boost amulets.
      I hope that one day they will introduce players' suggestions into game,I'm tired of reading that ppl from GF "read our feedback". Yes,they do,I don't doubt it but do they do something to get more possitive feedback? I don't think so.
    • Ok, can an someone with an ely char do me a favour and try grinding in nosra?
      I've dropped 18 eternals (9 of which weapons) and 4 mythic gear from esterra as an asmo. This is from 1400 mobs (mainly 2 dot easy ones).
      The same mobs back "home" usually give me about 5-9 items for the same amount of mobs if I'm lucky.
    • Gzus wrote:

      What I would like to know is if there's some sort of quota on items. Ex: demise orb-2 drops per server till reset, etc.
      No, then those drops will be just taken by bots, not really willing to leave my drop to them.

      The issue is that the drop list of all those mobs is filled up by a lot of useless items (manastones +1, +2, are useless, even to craft higher level ones, the spirit stones of darkness/light, which are dropped in too high amount for the needs of the server, eternal items, which are completely useless). Some items should be dropping far more often, like for example Demise/Paradise weapons, because for some classes they're better than Bygones, but the problem is those are impossible to get at all, like you can get 2 bygones per faction a day, but demise/paradise, is more like 0.
      Honestly, the best would be getting tokens from mobs instead of items and use those tokens to buy weapons, reducing the RNG factor of farming for weeks and get nothing. Not gonna happen anyway, Gameforge already showed everyone how important it is putting endgame weapons as reward of a p2w event
      Aphrodiiitee - Level 65 Deyla Asmo Bard
    • I don't think that "junk" items have anything to do with the drop rates of eternal / mythical items.
      Otherwise there wouldn't be mobs with 2 eternal, or said junk items + mythical.
      Back in the days most of the mobs were just empty, or containing grey items / manastones.
      These days they drop materials as well, so less of them are empty.

      Anyway, switched over to my spiritmaster.
      Did a round of normal mob farm. No significant change in drops.
      Not like the 71 templar was too high lvl to get drop rate reduction from any of these mobs.