Dye for Sharptooths? /With a few additional questions/

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    • TiTakaSiMislish wrote:

      Thank you very much for the replies so far. I didn't have much time these days to visit the forums, but here's quick update onto what's going on atm.
      I managed to hit 59 yesterday. Tbh I was expecting a yellow quest, to ease my xp, but those start from 60 on. Guess noob moments are about to end now. I also went on a raid/dungeon. (Rentus..? Can't really remember the name), but it was quite a lucky bummer. I did the healing part. People died only a few times, but we managed to complete it (quite easily since the others were advanced players, huhu)
      Any ways, the dumbest thing that I did was to heal with a staff. I didn't think when I sold my mace into the npc shop. Any ways, I was wandering (it was quite a crappy one, just to point that out), should I buy a Padmarashka mace and Shield from the shop? I have some spare coins left. And as far as I see there's really nothing on the broker that's either cheap or good enough for the current moment. Good stuff start from 66+. I see that those are also skin-related stuff, but can be also used as ingame items, right? I Think, even though they are lvl55, they might do a good job till I hit 65.
      Also, regarding the AC sets as @Ashandarey noted in the first page - there are blue quests, but I assume they start after 60? So far I Have done pretty much all and I have around 300/400. As far as I saw the 65 AC sets cost about 8-10K (give or take), are there really that many quests to sum up the amount of AC coins required to get the set?
      P.S: Regarding a profession. I think the one with the potions? I really need mana potions at this point, skills, especially the healing ones burn a lot.

      Yep there is good amount of AC. In Vengar do all the dark blue quests. Also there is rep quests for Mantor (60+), its a solo instance, after a number of times (5? never did them) it will give you a rune tribe part, also its a good source of exp. At level 66 you can start rift of oblivion for AC and exp, but you will need the broker for the rest of the coins for sure. At least they are not that expensive anymore - Antri asmo around 20-22k (was ~40k 2-3 months ago). About the daemon tokens ...not sure if its worth it. I was doing them for 3-4 months and I didnt got all powerful ....lucky me :) Doing blood crusade instead, its a pvp quests and with the tokens you can buy bags that gives you relics which you can exchange for AP. Since 5.3 I wasted 12kk AP and I need at least that much more ... There isnt mana potions in the game anymore. After ...5.1 I think, they simplified the pots and we have recovery serums/potions which are for both hp and mp. Padmarasha are skins only also up to 66 all gear you receive in game is just temporary so dont bother with that :)
    • @Evita Thank you, but I'll manage. Keep those. You might need them.

      @Ashandarey - Might assisting here for a little? I went to the Mantor instance yesterday (10 times actually, maybe they change it) and couldn't get to the last door. Moobs just keep pushing and pushing. Way too strong for me to handle. Any advice on how to bypass that? I died like 6-7 times already : /

      And also, what's an effective way to earn some good amounts of kinah from Aion Coins? As I said in previous posts, I have some. I'm currently aiming for the AC sets. But as far as I see, quests will only get me to around 1K AC. While I would need atleast 7K more for the sets and 2K for a staff. Broker has good amounts, but they would cost me atleast 60-70 mill minimum..
    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Eternal set was the orange one, correct? And mythical was the purple? If yes - the Eternal one. To be honest I never actually took a look at the set type (In this case orange / purple etc. ) I also had a bit of a browse at the brokers the other day and and the only two things I did remember was that 80% of the gears (Purple / Orange etc.) was above 10M++ (Some over 20m and above). I find it difficult to purchaise one part. I did a noob math and I think that 50-60M should be enough to get about 6K AC (By the time I hit 65 I Will have atleas 1k coins). So that that should suffice for the time being. And atleast another 30-40 mill (3-5K AC) For a staff + mace and a shield (I plan to use the AC mace and shield later on as I seem to have a pair atm. Quite crappy, but they do seem to help out in medium instances like Rentus.)
    • better dont waste kinah for ac shield or mace, for mace u can just use the one from campaign quest that u level the 66( DO NOT PICK staff as those camp weapons are NOT fusable) , and for shield u can just pick almost any shield (adma/lab/rentuses/runa) and even tho they're not 6 slots they'd be for free kind of. They have all the required stats so u wouldnt miss anything. Later on u can change them if needed.

      as for mantor u got boms in your inventory that u can use to kill when u got a lot mobs :D
    • Yep, as @t0re said - you have bombs which are making aoe dmg.

      Re the kinah from aion coins, check the broker ....now with that 100% exp event maybe rift of oblivion reset scrolls will be on a good price :) Selling one scroll might give you like 50kk
    • No disrespect, but I don't see how bombs have any effect. I tried to do it now, currently in the Abandoned Distribution Center, however, by the time I reach the stairs, place all of my buffs (Including the dmg absobrtion ones) pot myself, scroll myself, EVERYTHING, there's about a cople of mobs there at one spot, atleast 10 and kill me for less than 2 seconds. Bombs doesn't help with anything. Nothing does.

      - Actually, short edit - I just managed to complete this round. Really now idea how I did it, but still. Any ways, thank you, Gzus. There's the other round that I'm more worried about. The one that's with a research lab or something like that (#2). At the end there's a door, before Nostra, that has 2 guards. Before reaching them there are waves of mobs that keep respawning over and over again coming in. Now that's the bummer part that even with the bombs and fully buffed and fed up, it's still almost impossible to reach that, and I believe that Kiting itself might not be of help with that. I guess only a few more levels?

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    • Okay.. I'm kind of stuck. I have been following the brokers for the past 2-3 days, but these AC sell like hot bread. There aren't much amounts left and since I can't sell any Aion Coins for AC, I don't think I'll manage to get enough in time. At this point I have nearly 1K, getting 7-8 more is pretty much out of the option for me. What's a decent alternative for gears at this point? I Try to raid (Rentus), but drops aren't that decent. I Was looking at the crucible insigna sets. As far as I see those are like pvp sets, but based on the insignia amounts that sell, and if the timing is right, I could be able to buy a lvl 60 set (atm lvl 63)
    • People are again hoarding ac because they can sell their arena +'d gear. They use it to unbound said gear.
      By the time u ding 65 things should settle. I know I sound as a broken record but outside of rentus there's no point to spend kinah on gear until archdeava.
    • I have enough to buy x2 goldpacks and sell them. Average prices (in the brokers) are 90 mil minimum. To get the AC needed I would need approx 200m, hence I'll aim for 80M per piece minimum. If I have that luck and the coins remain there by Monday, I may be able to get the 65 AC set.

      -Edit, as luck *and my meals for the next 2 weeks* would have it, I just have almost - enough coins (7080) to buy the AC chain gear. Which only leaves the upgrades, but as far as I know, the Mythic ones are for 70.

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