Dye for Sharptooths? /With a few additional questions/

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    • Dye for Sharptooths? /With a few additional questions/

      Good evening to all. I apologize beforehand if such a topic already existed, I didn't really have the time to look. I want to ask - does anyone happen to know if we can expect a Dye for Sharptoosh in the near future? A few moments ago I bought a Sharptooth Barbtail from the website. The picture it had was a really smooth one, but moments later did I find out that it's colour ingame is like really, deep dark blue (almost mat-black). I did a little search in google before posting here, but I couldn't really find anything on the matter. I saw that there was a video in youtube in which a guy posted his sharptooth barbtail, but I Thought that, probably, due to low graphics (which he set), it's colour was the same (dark blue) and didn't really bat an eye. I also managed to find a player ingame that had a Sharptooth Airspike (airstrike..?) and it had a really smooth white colour. Just curious if Barbtail owners can also enjoy something more lighter in the future?
    • Hello TiTakaSiMislish

      there are a few different versions of the sharptooth, differenciating not only in colour but also in the stats
      You can find an overview here aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Mounts

      Regarding dye, at current there is nothing known about this.

      Best regards
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    • @ Sita - I did. Truth be told, I had my eyes on the more expensive ones, but $$ weren't really enough. So I decided to stick with the regular one. I had forgotten what a pain in the neck it is to run from one place to another.

      @ Erik - Yea, Thought so too, but won't really be able to do that. My pc has the bare minimum for that. Haha

      Btw, I hope you guys don't mind, but since it's an on-going topic I'd like to ask a couple of more questions. Takes quite a while till I get a response ingame.

      I'm currently rolling with a lvl 51 pve-cleric (Asmo side). And I'm using a lvl 46 Daevanion set. I was planing to get the lvl 56 Daevanion set, even though they lack the function of manastones, I Think that it would be a waste of time and resources to try and get something that I would have to switch in a couple of levels. I read that the lvl 65 Daevanion set can break if the upgrades don't succeed, so I assume that will be the time in which I will have to look for something else. Not trying to be the pvp type of guy atm. Really no experience there.. Also, what pet should would be most beneficial to a pve-cleric? I see that some give materials and other stuff once fed, but not really sure if those are useful when it comes down to professions. I haven't chosen any atm. I was planing to do that once I hit lvl 56 and get the set (Two things off my mind) and focus for a few days on something. As well as the Aion coins. How much of a worth do they have ingame (Deyla)?
      So far that's all I have. Thank you in advance for the responses.

      P.S: Can a mod transfer the topic in the correct section since I'm changing the subject? Don't really want to start another one just for that.
    • Save ur kinah until u ding 66. Unfortunately before that the game content is made specifically for speed lvling.
      Get the crucible loot pet. They're fairly cheap on broker and u can buy the egg in marchutan priory.
      Even if u like healing more I would still say the first set should be a dps one to help with leveling. Plus the stigmas for a dmg cleric are way cheaper ;)
      Try to find a friendly legion that's willing to help out (check out Serpents Coil they're fun peeps) or whisper me ingame, we're active too just not as many as before :)
    • Dont waste time on 65 daevanion stuff, use the 56 gear till level 66 and during your leveling collect ancient coins. In Vengar there are many dark blue quests that gives you good amount of exp and AC. Take the mythical rune tribe after 66 and you will be good for a long time in pve. About pets I am using tiamat junior which buffs you with 3 scrolls, food and a drink and its looting. Love it, cant play without it :)
    • If you were Elyos, we have a very friendly legion which would suit you....Ever thought of making an Elyos char? :)

      I am a PVE healing cleric and currently using crucible loot pet. But will check on tiamat junior because I am always short on food buffs while leveling.
    • Ternezia wrote:

      If you were Elyos, we have a very friendly legion which would suit you....Ever thought of making an Elyos char? :)

      I am a PVE healing cleric and currently using crucible loot pet. But will check on tiamat junior because I am always short on food buffs while leveling.
      Be careful as in the shop there are two exact the same looking tiamat juniors and one of them is just eating food and sh*ting mats. The price is the same as far as I remember. Read carefully the description
    • Evita wrote:

      (ever thought of rolling asmo Ternezia? There are daily so many groups looking for clerics it makes me log my cleric instead of my DD cause I don't have time to waste)
      Yes I thought, and I notice there are so many clerics at Elyos side that often groups are already filled when I think of applying (I am a bit slow hehe), and I have no idea why such huge clerics influx, wasn't like this when I last played a year and something ago.

      But I have RL friends at Elyos side and can't leave them :)
    • bring your friends :D joke aside, I notice the difference on a daily basis...
      it's unreal how many clerics you guys have - while we are seriously struggling to get one into a group, we often meet in RT groups with 2 clerics

      (dont take this serious, personal bit funny thought: is it that there are more ely clerics cause
      *deepmalevoice* "babe lets play aion, me mighty tank/dd, you heal me" and she goes like
      *highpitchedvoice* "but only if we play elyos it's so cute")
    • I'm like shocked. So many replies O_O. Thanks all!

      Sita - As long as it doesn't violate forums rules - I'm okay with wherever. I just thought that since I'm changing the subject (based on a particular server, it won't really fit into the Questions section etc.)

      Gzus - My thoughts exactly - PVE set. Haven't really gotten the mechanics of healing. I can barely heal myself, haha. Allthough this might bring the cloth vs chain debate. I keep reading on and on but the more I do
      the more confused I get.

      Ashandarey - Thank you! Currently looking at the AC sets on pics.

      Ternezia - Thank you!

      Evita - Haven't really thought about changing servers for now, I'm good. ;D
    • Evita wrote:

      it's unreal how many clerics you guys have - while we are seriously struggling to get one into a group, we often meet in RT groups with 2 clerics
      It's a big mystery why. It would be awesome if someone finds out the true reason.

      When I came back to Aion recently and started to lvl my cleric from 65, I was told to roll something else, because there are too many clerics. But I play MMO's primarily to be a healer, so...better one of the many but with a class I enjoy than with something I don't like.
    • @TiTakaSiMislish no worries I am on the same server/faction anyway :D ...
      pm me if I can help with something (better here on board, my mailbox is most of the time full on any char :D)

      re Daevanion 56 set, do the quest, you can choose the material, can aswell go for cloth for more DPS, it will be enough till you hit 65, but you might consider chain nevertheless
      are you a new or a returning user? if returnee, that box gives you chain anyway, so take a different one with the cloth :D

      I am on my cleric still pve healing in Siels (the old, "real" 60 Daevanion set, socketed HP), for pve DPS I have the rune mythical,
      for pvp MR now cloth Arena (used to have 2star) and for Block arena chain

      @Gzus Imo the set during levelling should also provide a bit of a defense, depending if you go for solo levelling or group levelling, but the moment you heal you got mobs on you (specifically if levelling tanks haven't found the rotation/skills how to properly taunt and keep aggro)

      @Ternezia really wish I could get you on our side, too many that just want to DPS (the moment I log my cleric you know shit hit the fan and there is really none available - says enough when I tell you my sin is 72 and that my cleric is 70 right?)
    • @Evita - New. I remember buying Assault on Balaurea a few years ago, but couldn't really play much at the time. I also went on to play a fun server for a little
      just to see what it's like to have the top gears and so on (very amusing, but gets boring really quick) and about 3 weeks ago I decided to roll in here. So far I play
      for about 3-5 hours +/- and try to quest for XP as much as I can (And now goof around Pandemonium with the Sharptooth, haha)

      Any ways, that's pretty much it. I haven't tried to socket any gears with manastones so far as leveling and gear change happens rapidly. I have
      some quests for yellow manastones, I thought going for full Magic Boost or something like that once I get the future sets. I also got a Staff from the Black Cloud Traders
      yesterday. An orange one. (for lvl 54) Can't really remember the name (Archon General / Brigage General.. Not sure, I'll check later when I get home)
      I was between that and mace/shield, but seeing how most of the comments both, Staff seemed more pve-like due to its stats. But I guess I won't be anle
      to use since I'm getting the Daevanion set soon.

      Also, as a profession, obviously all are time and resource consuming, which would be of personal and resourceful benefit for a newbie?
    • After level 66 when you become High Daeva you can level the new magical craft with which you can do everything - pots, food, gear, mounts ...But from the old craft I think the Alchemy is the one that is worth it. The rest are not so much in use. Not sure about cooking, but the new food is available in the new crafting system. About the gear, some of my fellow clerics are trying the mythical drop gear which has skill boosting bonus as it may be better for healing. But a Cleric can help you better with that matter
    • @TiTakaSiMislish have you reactivated your old account? cause then you would be veteran even (if you haven't maybe contact support, as it is still possible to take the old account over)

      re magical craft... I think I spent by now 9 billions to be on 230, I know several people spent way more and are at 300, overall for potions and scrolls, I prefer the old alchemy, for food magical crafting (which should soon bring some profit again after the changes of the dredgion quests)

      regarding mana stones, it depends on what you want to do
      DPS? go for MB
      Heal? only pve or also pvp?

      @Ashandarey I am currently collecting the various skill boost gears, thanks to the alchemy event I got quite some, they look decent to me and you can save your CP for something else - downside is that it's mainly pve, and that you have to reconsider the changes in your CP when you switch set (unless you make 2 sets with similar skill boni)