Is it worth getting

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    • Yes you can sell them in the broker or private sales, when crafted they are in a box that is tradeable.

      To make it worthwhile you need to have gathering, aether and essence, skills levelled up to max too. To buy the materials needed would make it very expensive to make. You also need life leafs from the seasonal agrint tree that spawns in the housing area.

      To buy all the materials (no gathering) you would need approx 150 million (that is best price, probably need more) to craft one.
    • Every single crafting job in this game is worth less than 0, you spend too much to skill up, and get nothing out of it.
      Maybe Magical Crafting is better, but even if it would, you need around 10 billions to level it up, to get some items which people are getting often using Magical Morphing
      Aphrodiiitee - Level 65 Deyla Asmo Bard