"Aion GameClient has stopped working" - Need Help Please

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    • "Aion GameClient has stopped working" - Need Help Please

      Hi everyone.
      After 5.4 update of 05/04/17, i'm not able to play aion anymore because of this error, which appears in the middle of Aion Globe when i try to open the client.
      I tried to solve it doing the following attempts:
      - Restart Pc;
      - Many Files Check;
      - Change Client Language from IT to EN and from EN to IT;
      - Uninstall Gf Live and Aion completely, clean Pc with CCleaner, restart PC and download/install Aion again (this time using Steam)
      No one of these steps has worked, the problem is still there.

      It's important that you know that:
      - I never had problems like this before 5.4;
      - Gf Live and Aion.bin are already in the Firewall / Antivirus exceptions;
      - Other programs and the whole Pc keep working fine except Aion;
      - My Technical Pc features are: Intel core i3 2.5Ghz, 4Gb Ram, HD 500 Gb, Nvidia geforce 710M 1Gb+1Gb dedicated (I know it isn't an awesome gaming pc, but trust me.. never had any problems with aion since almost 3 years).
      -I'm not the only person which has this kind of problem. I asked friends / legion mates and some of them also have it. Then, i opened this thread on the IT board: board.it.aion.gameforge.com/in…e/?postID=45771#post45771 ( 2 more people seem to have my same problem) and found this one on the EN board board.it.aion.gameforge.com/in…e/?postID=45771#post45771 (solution didn't work).

      Please guys help me with any advice/solution you have :( I'm not able to play Aion anymore since a week .. and i don't know what else i can do.
      I'm really sorry for my bad english, i'm an Italian player.
      (And sorry for the italian language in the screen, i made that just to let you see in which moment of loading the error appears).
      Thanks to anyone who will help me.
    • Sita wrote:

      I take it you have checked on this thread? [FAQ] List of known technical problems and their solutions
      Yes i did. But my error is "generic" and those solutions aren't that much helpful for my situation :(
      Besides, my problem just occured after i patched the client for 5.4.
      It worked fine before it.

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    • Like I suggested on the Fr Forum, have you checked the log.txt file in the AIONLOG folder from the line "File System Initialization" to see which file is corrupted ?
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    • @[NICK]dotarium & @Puffpoof thank you for your answers :)
      I'm going to upgrade this thread with some news:

      I sent a ticket to the support and they asked me to attach Dxdig.txt and LOG.txt files, in this way they will probably understand what is the cause of this problem. I'll keep you up-to-date about it.

      In the while, i can confirm game can be opened correctly through rainmeter using the 32 bit version (it can be done even without rainmeter, just using a .bat file as shown in many threads / videos).

      Shortly, this problem seems to occur with 64 bit client version only.
    • Is your Windows version updated?
      Moreover, once you uninstalled the game, did you clean your system registry through CCleaner before downloading the client again? (I know you've already said you used this software, but please be sure you used the clean registry tool).
    • Weird, I have W10 x64, running through stream and I didnt have any crash...tho, weirdly, I have some lags from time to time, like, ping spikes from normal 40ties to 3,5k sometimes :D I restarted router, checked everything and Idk what can be the case...I just guess it is the "Creators update" mess up or something is bad in the tracing :/ dunno :/
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    • @Click You ran a cleaning tool, didn't you? Moreover, can you see your ram stats while launching the client? And your cpu's aswell.

      About lag issues, you can check your route towards the server using free softwares or just through your cmd ( tracert command).

      I'm running W10 and everything is fine once I start the game in compatibility mode.

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    • I am not a computer technical person but... seems the message is coming from windows rather than Aion. Is there some time out thing on windows. If the program takes too long to load it throws up a time out error and stops trying?
    • When the client is launching usually the MB usage goes up.
      When my client stops responding, may it be right after pressing "Run game" from launcher or when it hits 65% or 99% (random % number) and then freezes, the MB usage is really low, like 5-10MB

      I didn't install creators update from W10 yet, it's still the same patch level like it was when we had 5.3 patch where everything is alright.

      (I set windows update to manually).

      I checked the aion log file and it fails to load some file. I deleted that file, did a file check, file got recreated. Client crashes while loading again, when checking the log it's the same file again.
    • The game keeps crashing over and over for many people. 3 days ago 4 people crashed on makarna last boss, took them 10 minutes to relog. Yday cannon guy got crashed in SWB on the last big waves and we didn't notice. In siege many legion members got the same crash on last 10 minutes before siege ended, they never got their HP.

      This is getting really out of control.

      Me personally, I crash each week 1-2 times but I use SSD and I relog fast in under 30 seconds. Not all have SSD and in their case might take upto 10 minutes.
    • Having a look at the italian board, it seems that running the 32 bit version may be a temporary solution. Have you already tried it out?
      You can easily get the full process command line (64 bit) through Process Explorer (Microsoft Software, directly available from technet.microsoft) and put it in a .bat file (see below).

      Source Code

      1. Launch AION as usual --> Run ProEx as administrator --> Right click on aion.bin --> Properties --> Copy the command line in a .bat file (be sure you change the destination folder from bin64 to bin32 and the "-64" attribute to "-32").
      • 32bit.png

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    • Well I don't really crash when I'm logged in (unless we just enter 2nd phase of Piton in GoK cuz why not).
      The crashes happen before I even manage to get to login screen.
      Didn't notice smth in swb pve or pvp or any other activity but then again I don't really pay attention to if someone crashed or not, so idk xD