**The Reject Legion - Recruiting New Active Members**

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    • **The Reject Legion - Recruiting New Active Members**

      Dear Elyos,

      We as a legion (The Rejected) are currently recruiting new players PvE & PvP to join our forces against Balaur and the Asmodians.
      We are friendly, all of us speak English and Dutch. What do we have to offer and what do you need to offer towards us?

      We do not require any min. level / min. gear and/or min. knowledge of the game
      What we do ask is for you to be regurarly online and be a friendly player

      Speaking english is a MUST

      ***What do we as "The Rejected" offer towards our players?***

      Our own TS3 server - helpfulp for events and/or instances, sieges etc
      Speaking is not required, but it'll be helpful for everyone

      We offer help on your questions, leveling and gear.
      This does not mean you can join us & we give you everything you need. Absolutey not.
      We just offer the options to earn experience (in-game and level-wise) by playing with us a team. We teach you instances, classes and builds for certain situations. We offer you tips/help on how to farm and/or other subjects

      Most of our players have a long experience in-game and are willing to take you to instances and teach you how to do them (including High Daeva instances such as LoK, GoK etc.)

      For more questions you can always contact us through forums and/or in-game
      General - Missbaksel
      Deputy - EmStefan
      Deputy - Keikko

      PS: If any tips and or changes should be made in my post, feel free to leave tips & comments below

    • Hi t0re,

      Thank you for your question.
      Well depends on what you mean by rarely. If we talk about weekly - sure, you're free to roam around in the legion and talk whenever you want. Join instances when you are online, no one will be forced to play daily/hardcore

      Ofcourse in this situation, I assume most players will understand, that people that participate daily in legion activities will have the priority when we do runs for limited amount of people, for example Library of Knowledge (6 players). We would prioritize the people that are more active. We don't mind to carry 1 person or help people with their quests

      To clear one question I am sure will be asked;
      no, this does not mean if we have 6 hardcore players that no one can join our group. we will make sure to balance it and everyone can participate in runs or instances, events etc.

      but if you log-in once every 3 months, I am sorry to say - it makes no sense to join any legion then

      Hope to have answered your question correctly (maybe a bit too detailed..)

      Kindest Regards,
    • Its not needed to "carry" me anywhere its jsut that i play just 1-2hours weekly on antriksha thats why i'm asking and my char there is still in my old innactive legion, and might be good to have who to say hello when i log there ;D
    • While this may sound offtopic, it is not my intention.
      But i have a suggestion to make.

      You could add to the description, which server you guys were originally on.
      That'd allow old friends to find you easyer.

      Though, i have to mention, the forums are deserted, as Signia is at night.

      Also, i've only exchanged a few words with Missbaksel a few days back on LFG, but i don't remember seeing you guys recruit there as well.
      That might have more results than the forums.
      What i mean to say is, grab every opportunity to recruit people.