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    • Security fails

      A bunch of ambushes in key locations. That's what I found today. Elyos (ranked from 1★ to 5★ officers) camping around quest locations and instances in Nosra and Morheim, hunting low-level players. There were some 6 Asmodians fighting against more than 12 in Nosra, and Morheim didn't even put up a fight. I got killed by a 2★ officer 5 times today while trying to go on a mission, then another 3 times by a 3★ officer while hunting, then again by a 1★ officer while travelling back. There were 5 players sounding the alarm in the chat, and that was it. The only time I was an invader our group of 4 (levels 48 -me- and 62-63)was instantly attacked by 10 Elyos, all at levels 64-65 back in 4.8, and got nuked. Compare. We only killed one, he gave the alarm and location.
      "Soy un poeta sin versos." — Alberto Méndez, Los girasoles ciegos
      "Amore, more, ore, re, probantur amicitiæ." —Latin tongue twister