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    • LF friends to play with

      Hi everyone,

      I am looking for people to play with and to heal.

      The other day at around 18:00 server time myself (cleric) and a glad were looking for group for barracks and we couldn't find 4 dps. This is the first time I see such thing. A healer and a tank to wait and there are no people. Is the game in such poor state? I was on a edge to give up this game, so frustrating.

      I am in a nice legion, but the problem is that people there are active mostly in the very late evening and my playing time is different. I play from 18:00 until 21:00 server time. During this hours I'd enjoy healing something, but LFG is not a good option. So I am looking for friendly and polite people interested in running Adma, barracks, Kata, so we can form groups. But also patient to newer players, because I am not a veteran and may make mistakes.

      About my char:

      Elyos faction

      Name: Ternezia

      Cleric lvl 70

      Interested in PVE

      currently 19k hp unbuffed, can get to 20+k hp buffed

      all necessary healing stigmas

      good English, using TS

      If you also struggle to find groups at that time of the day, please add my char ingame or comment here if you need more info.
    • All I can say is u guys have way too many lvl 75s and the rewards from upper forts are mainly xp.
      Unless there's a boost in Ap in those instances I doubt u'll get many grps forming.
      I just rerolled to my old cleric as I got bored with my lvl 73 sm and I know until lvl 71ish I won't be bothering with grps much.
      Plus I can't really blame people for wanting higher lvls for boss it makes things way faster. If ur temp friend is also 70 that might be the reason as clerics can be 66 and heal but he'll miss a lot on boss.
      Think of it this way: forts are for xp runs either solo or duo with ur buddy. If u do get grp for boss, great, if not, it's ok :)
    • Pity. I wanted to go there for fun, to make a full run. There are too few instances in this game compared to other MMO's and I wonder that people are restricting themselves to do sieges mostly. My glad buddy is 71 btw.
    • I'm just assuming based on the situation on asmo side. I had no issue in getting whateva lvl for bosses but I used to get whispers from a 71 in grp to kick a 70 cus he'll miss. Most of the times they loud mouths are the lowest dps. I used to run arm on boss mainly to check my rotations and had sins pull lower numbers than my magma.
      Lots of weird people in Aion :p good u have someone to duo with.
      If u feel like getting bored or stuff just switch to dps build and have fun with ur gladi.
      I have a good m8 that rolled a temp so we do a lot of duo.
      Full heal is overrated :p plus I don't wanna heal slackers so I'd rather go with peeps o know or not bother
    • That's odd. I see people constantly recruiting for upper abyss forts in the evenings. Good luck! You can add my gladiator if you want to. I started playing again after taking a break of Aion. I'll get 71 today probably. I won't need to be carried in instances because my gear and DPS is good. ^^ I do sometimes say weird things in group/LFG but that's just because I want to have fun and lighten the mood. Too much srs bsns going on in this game sometimes. Name is same as on this board.
    • That what Gzus suggested you is the right thing to do. Upper Abyss instances now are filled with 75 level mobs. You as cleric 71 can handle the healing camp, but dpses all under 71 will miss alot. Believe me now i am rising 70 level sorc and suffer now with these misses. Glad that my legion mates are ok with that and do not kick me, because while i am not miss the mobs and boss i am doing tons of dps :D and somehow they find me helpful :)
      At your level you have to stick on 3 high davea instances - Adma , ELL and LoK (don't know is there different names in Elyos side i always play as Asmo :D ) then if you find a group can do some old 65 level instances Like Kata and SWB. Especially SWB PVE for AP , medals (Cera medals) and Augments. Sieges are late in the evening out of your playing time , so you do not have to worry that all ppl are busy with sieges. It's very strange that 70 level cler has been ignored.
      And rise faster to 71 by doing all XP solo things - Rift of Oblivion, Solo Event , Weekly in Reshanta , Garrizons in Rehsanta (also weekly) ... also the Reshanta Things could be done in group because mobs are 75 level too ... weak but hits hard.
      So there are only 2 solo things that you can do fast ( 45 min approx) then with Sebivine and your mate tank you can form a nice 3ppl group and have enough fun.
      Doing Chambers/Barracks in Reshanta by your group of 3 ppl will give you tons of XP , nice drops for Broker (Frost Insignia items) which not worth to be equiped , + ed or whatever ... but you can earn some Kinah by selling them on broker. After you reach you can start going LoK instance ( i started going there at level 70 but that depends on your legion, friends and your playing time because the instance could take long time)
    • nodeone wrote:

      You as cleric 71 can handle the healing camp, but dpses all under 71 will miss alot.
      Didn't knew that. I have a friend who runs barracks solo. But he's 73. I went with him a few times, I was generally useless because my dps gear is bad. For duo the exp is decent, but the drops are not worth it for two people (except if we have a 100% drop amulet, which we had one of the times).

      LOK - I heard there are pre-quests that must be done, so I will need the help of my legion.

      Regarding clerics, I was warned that there are too many of them when I came back to the game, and indeed it's true :D At least on Elyos. For example my legion has 2 well geared clerics besides me, and by well I mean...quite decent :)
    • Ternezia wrote:

      LOK - I heard there are pre-quests that must be done, so I will need the help of my legion.
      Its just dark blue quest and you have to speak with an npc inside. Then it will give you the campaigns automatically. LoK is useless tho, do it for the camps and then run GoK.