Paralyse & Silence - Skill or Magic - Make them relatable to one or the other, not currently both

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    • Paralyse & Silence - Skill or Magic - Make them relatable to one or the other, not currently both

      Not sure if this has ever been suggested, but i've never seen the purpose of silence being able to render a person not able to use any skills at all.
      As an aethertech, this is incredibly frustrating, because if you are silenced and out of tech form, especially if a dispel pot is on CD, you can't do anything other than just sit there and die or run.

      Skills need to be adjusted into 2 states, Skills and Spells and Other
      So if you are paralysed, you can't move and use any skills, but you can still use magic spells.
      and if you are silenced, then magic spells are no use, but people can still use skills. such as climbing into techform.
    • @[NICK]zipacna as rym said paralyze is type of cc that makes u unable to do anything for the duration (means basically turning u in stone to understand it better)
      as for silence and bind(phys silence) they both prevents you from casting ONLY either phys or magical spells. The only exception to this in the game is the remove shock which can be used both in bind and silence (ofc not in paralyze)

      Other types of CCs that you're unable to do anything during the duration(besides using remove shock if out of cd) are Stun (magical effect - can be resisted) and knockdown(also called stumble), knockback,spin,aetherhold(also can be resisted, so magical effect as well). Sleep is magical state which is dispelled upon recieving direct damage. Fear is also magical state in which u cant do anything, however u are running away from the caster during the period and in certain situation is dispelled (by using other form of forceful transformation ex. sleep from sorc/bard)

      prolly missed smt important, if i think of smt else i'll edit this post.
    • Idk why you explain these all to TS. He didnt ask for explanations, he suggested something new. And I partly agree with imbalance of godstones.
      In part that makes sorc/sm/bard/cler fully incapable to do anything while phys classes with blind still can use buffs and even hit under blind gs with 50%(?) chance. At the same time gunners are imbalanced totally due to ability to use pistols under blind and silence.
      Making blindness working vs gunners (pistols only) or silence working vs cannon too (the same about AT) will make some balance towards others. Making phys class missing under blindness with 100% chance also will help to balance mages and phys classes.

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    • Rym wrote:

      Silenced gunners cannot use cannon skills.

      Bound gunners cannot use pistol skills.
      ty, did mistake in first part of post. But I didnt tell about bind, only meant silence and blind since we discuss godstones (bind godstones still doesnt exist as you know). So, still point of post is the same: godstones dont affect so much vs gunners as vs others (besides 50% resist of bards to silence, but not going to discuss bards for 999th time)
    • Maybe there needs to be some kind of information added to the descriptions of skills/spells so it states, can be used whilst silenced, can be used whilst paralysed

      Maybe I need to go check what is usable under each debuff. But I think most are unusable under both conditions. Deffo one change is needed and that is the ability to mount into tech form under either of these conditions, without tech form we have no usable skills unless using pistols. and if using a PVE weapon and along comes the opposite faction and u need to change to pvp, its about 10 seconds to do anything, and at which point is usually death.

      Some suggestions to add though.
      Am still annoyed at when Aethertechs got screwed over when skills were deleted, we had 2 excellent skills that were used whilst in flight which were a ranged dps skill and a teleport to target skill. These made pvp in flight more bearable and actually quite fun. What we got though was being lumbered with a stupid skill that can only be used when target is in an Aerial Hold and we have nothing to actually put them into that state either. These skills should be brought back and the aerial hold needs to go.

      Prior to the stats being merged, I'd have liked to have seen Aethertechs and Gunners moved to Accuracy only stat and not magical accuracy. Not sure how feasible that would be now, but there is an unbalance of more magic classes of stones for gear. We use attack speed, so why not regular accuracy?

      I think it would be fair if also there was casting speed Aether Key/Cannons to merge with Attack Speed ones. We have a few charging skills which the casting speed will increase.and it's not fair that Bard, Sorc and SM get attack speed and casting.