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    • Azphelumbra friends
      1.0 player returning and looking for friendly people to PVP & PVE with. Currently have SM & Chanter til 67, but I find it hard to know what to do in the new areas. So a noob friendly legion would be nice.
      SM - Xhale
      Chanter - Photon

      PM me ingame or say hi here :)

      btw, former BOB member
    • oh come on.. 2 months after the merge asmos were more than elyos for sure, its another story half of you stopped playing 2 months later and u got vastly outnumbered once again.
      At laest now you should be happy with the pvp buff and ppl not being able to see the level of it due to GF data pack not showing it ;\
      Makes sieges pretty even and hopefully more ppl are happy like that(at least asmo should be). As elyos i'd prefer if we let u all forts for a while so we dont have that lv 8-9 buff on u constantly but cant make this happen on my own :D

      on topic: @xhaledk welcome (back?) i guess :D I hope you'll stay a bit longer and not give up !
    • Welcome back :) glad to see old players return.
      Ps: go with chanter they've been seriously beefed up and everyone wants/needs one in grp.
      If BoB has entry requirements drop a whisper to anyone in Hello. We're not many but at least u'll have someone to chat with and answer ur questions and stuff.

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