[FORUM] Delete own posts

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  • [FORUM] Delete own posts

    As the title says it would be good to be able delete your own posts. Sometimes u misswrite something twice/ or u just wanna delete unwanted post coz u've missed something before that thats been answered or w/e other reason.
    Its been bothering me for a while now that i cant do that :S
  • Sorry, it's global policy on all Gameforge forums for users and even most of the Staff to not have the access to delete posts, accounts etc.
    If you need something to be deleted/edited/removed, you can contact us by creating a ticket to Support (Board side) and the Team will take care of it.

    I'll have to close the thread as we don't really discuss this kind of things here in the forum, but feel free to send me a private message if you have more questions or concerns about the matter =)