Kumuki Dungeon – Event Bundle Removal

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    • Kumuki Dungeon – Event Bundle Removal

      Hello everyone!

      As we already announced with the end of yesterday's maintenance: we will unfortunately have to remove all leftover reward bundles from the Kumuki Event. The removal will take place on the 17th of May, during our regular server maintenance – so please make sure to open all your leftover reward bundles until this point!

      We were asked by NCSoft to delete these items in the future, as they should always be removed with the end of any event as they are not meant to stay on the servers. All other regions are already following this practice. Future events containing specific bundles will be handled in a similar way and the corresponding bundles will also be removed at some point after the event. Details on this will of course follow with the information for the event itself.

      All the best,
      the AION Team