Add time bonus for points calculation in Golden crucible

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    • Add time bonus for points calculation in Golden crucible

      Like title says, so people would get a strong disincentive to use full MR/MSupp/Block and other defensive sets, to see a better difference between players from a class, to reward more an aggressive play style, and not a passive one (pillar hugging), which is boring to watch.

      You get the maximum points (is 60 for last round win) only if you win in less than 90 seconds, then you get a decrese of gained points until up to 33% (40).
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    • I maybe not properly understood, but ppl arent guilty that they got easy opponents vs them and can win them in less than 90sec. On the other hand ppl will just stay and wait till 90sec are gone.
      Aggresive style is already more rewarded. For example, I won 1 defensive cler just cause of my dps. If you want more fair arenas, stop playing bard :atongue:

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    • Well...thats is not good to watch at cannot push someone to play aggressively when he/she doesnt want to. The thing that it is different style doesnt mean it is bad and have to be in disadvantage because of it. Also...what you suggest also is really a huuuge disadvantage. Not everyone has to play offensive style :)

      So... :dislike: :dislike:
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    • And where is the fairness in that? clerics and chanters have the hardest job to gear up. Block/HP set, MR set , MB/Macc set (clerics) ... mace and shield for defensive sets , fused staff for offensive set ... and you want that everyone has to pick one ... :dislike: :dislike: