Getting loots from lower instances

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    • Well, it would be nice to have a quest for instances to get the loot even if you pass the cap level. Just like these pink quests for DC and you get a chest with a piece of weapon/armor.
      I created a bunch of other characters and will try to farm BT with some people when I get there but yeah.

      If there's no other way to get the Stormwing set, that's kinda sad, I find it very pretty (and the shield is ♥)
      Opaline - Asmodian
    • Hahaha..well I did try...
      In three weeks I found ONE group willing to go.

      I'm not going to wait a year before leveling up though...

      Opaline - Asmodian
    • Yes I tried :(
      Joined two legions but none want to run instances much.

      I tried on both server, rookie and main.

      I might try to farm it on other character if I find people by then I guess. I'm working on a Chanter and a Gladiator.
      Opaline - Asmodian
    • Haha, leveling is fun, I enjoy it.
      But I have a slow pace sometimes, because I do other things :>
      We can join for some group quests though, like FT, DC and such!
      Opaline - Asmodian
    • Ah damn, I don't have an alt that high.
      I could work on my Gladiator so I can tank BT if you don't mind leaving your Cleric around this level xD
      Opaline - Asmodian
    • I tried to send you a mail through game but it didn't work, you can try to add me Opaline is cleric or Drayuu is gladiator, I'm working on leveling glad up :)
      I hope you will still have a level for BT when I get there!
      Opaline - Asmodian