Why we don't have the 'prestige like' functionality

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    • Why we don't have the 'prestige like' functionality


      Since 5.0 (at least as long as i remember) Aion NA have a Prestige society function a bit like the organisations we have that are completely outdated but you are memeber if you have a prestige pack (more or less our gold packs)

      Even for non members you have daily or one time quests.

      quests give coins that you can use to buy things that we terribly miss here like lvl reduction stones (tradable) and reskill scrolls (tradable), supplements, +5 manastones etc.

      as usual we didn't get this function, can someone from the staff explain the reason why (except from the shop only reson please) and if there are plans to enable it?

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    • This will definitely solve a lot of issues in game if we have it. Supplements, Reduction stone ...that Vindachinerk thingy is for extracting AP form old stuff right ? I would love to use it on my 60 ap accessories .... Also augmentations and stuff ...This will be HUGE if GF add it to the game
    • As Evita said, this is NA custom thing, same like our GP. And yes, you can buy GP without spending €, like this. Ofc, it is not exactly the same way, but still.

      However, having this thing would be really awesome, it is nicely rewarding, everyone can participate, those who pay can have more, so...everyone can be happy. :) And most importantly, it will refresh the economy :)
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    • Hachers, high ping, dead community, broken economy (and yes part of the reason why are such things as the "requested" in this topic).

      Its not like we're not heading that way slowly but at least we're the lesser evil at this point :) . And even tho ppl dont like the bad rewards from events at least GF are consistent with it :D The huge spikes of items during events on NA while nothing out of them is rly demolishing the stability there.
    • the question is not why na people leave or not their servers and honestly i don't care about them
      anyone has his own reasons so please do not speculate

      in the other hand what i do care is that there is 0 level reduction stones on the broker and a part from rare cases you never find one
      the skill reductions scrolls are at 45-70kk kinah and with a ratio of 4 to 6% to have the needed skill from the part you can burn a lot, same for the lvl reduction stones

      also what i DO CARE is that there is no way in game to have these items, except from 1 event once a year

      NA flooding the economy in events than nothing? sure about that?

      oh wait, we don't even have that flooding as our events are garbage and aion coins only.
    • I do agree we need those level reduction stones (but i dont agree being easy to get them like buying a candy from the broker)
      however i definetely dont agree to be able to get all those items that are there on NA, coz ppl put everything on them then stop playing then the ppl that missed dont have any1 to play with and they stop playing as well .. so i rly dont understand how ppl that are actually playing the game be thinking even less than the event managers that might or might not be playing the game enough to understand it.

      To put it simply - game is fueled by players like me that draw items from kinah to aion coins making whales invest money in the game. We are gaining advantage by undersntanding and playing the game efficiently. I definetely wont like if some random ppl start getting all the gear and stiff just because they're lazy and QQ enough. While i do agree GF policy at times(may be way more than i would like to admit) is to keep all the items income at minimum, lately they did offer us quite a lot of potential income, and what we did? I can tell you - NOTHING. Groups for adma/lab on both elyos delya and elyos antri are nearly 10 times less than befowe we had those apes/serum dropping. No1 even cares and pretty much like u, want to get items without doing almost anything. YES gaining kinah requires working for it.

      I'll just write it once again the only thing that we need and by the only thing i mean rly the only thing is those level reduction with some low chance of getting it somewhere(discussed that in some other topic already). All those other things in the screenshots will kill the playerbase even further. There are enough lazy ppl, I dont need even more. We already have the GP/VR system that is rly rewarding.
    • seriously man?

      you don't know me so stop supposing that I'm asking for lazy income

      all i want, and i think I'm not the only one, is to be able to get stuff IN GAME, make it hard, make easy ho cares, but please tell me now how can i get these items in game.

      remember the devanion 65 stuff, it was hard to get you where suposed to really farm like a chinese bot to get it and a lot of people dit it
      the lazy ones are probably people like you that make kinahs from the cash shop to buy these items other people worked hard to get.

      i understand that we need to fuel the game but i call that GOLD PACK, as it's just a disguised subscription system

      ho would pay a monthly fee and then get crappy in game balance?
    • 1st i did not write aion coins to kinah but the opposite. Once the game became free to play i bought 100 coins like 1 year after and another 100 2 years later. During all those patches i've seen many ppl whining for many things , but its quite ridicilous to whine for items in the patches where 99% of the items are tradable. Sorry but if u want to get new skill on item u can either morph it and risk or buy scrolls from ppl , might be expensive but its there. All those years i've had max 1.2bil at the same time in my inventory for 1 day and i was always able to have at least average gear. Whoever wants max of the max would have to rly work hard for it.
      I dont play as much as i used to but i have almost everything i need. And what i dont i just slowly gain.

      And i'm pretty sure u dont waste 70% of your time ingame playing with less geared ppl to boost them instead of yourself. Only yesterday burned 4 hours in attempts to finish lok for few friends giving them almost all the yasbas (broker price ~nearly 60mil). And this is something that i do pretty often. If with what i do, i'm able to gain items/gear , so can you or any1 else in that matter.

      If you think GPs are just subscribtion.... I am rly sad that the ppl that used to play mmos in the past moved on with their life, games rly felt like games with ppl that wanted to play them, because now more and more often the situation is like "i want this, u must give it to me". Our gold packs are 10 times better than te prestige of NA. No matter how you look at it you buy the actual items from the vr once and every 6 months after they're for free, not to mention if u posses more than 1 such account.

      PS rly daevaion set? that was mega easy thing, just a bit anoying. Sorry to break it to u but farming full set + weap for a total of 20 hours is not chinese farm (ofc i'm counting only the actual time used for working on the set)

      PS2. I have friends playing on NA too, you know what happened? They were whining they dont have a way to get serums etc, they got those ridicilous events + the usual reduction stones they have for free normally.One of them made his char 75 put xxxx gear with +10 stones (coz they got 12312312 100% aids too) and now barely play since he has almost nothing to do besides some random pvp instances.. We simply SHOULD not have anything like their prestige on top of our gold packs or same will happen here.

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    • Evita wrote:


      well i assume we didnt get it as prestige was not part of our model - its NA exclusive afaik (created on their wish) -
      like hero quests are EU exclusive afaik
      Our exclusivity is utterly useless though.
      You get a few million xp out of it a day, that isn't even 0.01% at 71.
      The pvp ones are a joke to begin with, kill 10.000 asmo, get 2 lodas golden star.

      But i agree with t0re, the game is living only as long as there is stuff to do.
    • However people need to realize that lower prices for items have a complete different impact on the economy and players themselves than most think.

      At first it sounds strange but the pressure to buy items in the shop increases, because more and more buy items. Also it tends to give a impression like ah its cheap so I buy it. And so on.

      It's no surprise that many F2P titles with a heavy 'P2W' component have "cheap" shops. Perfect example is Rev...... O...... . And in my opinion also the failure of NA Aion.
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