Violation of the rules. Cheaters !

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  • Violation of the rules. Cheaters !

    Why no bans cheaters??? For what we pay?

    The first picture of Gladiator, who uses cheats to see my invisibility. Look closely at my buffs! And Gladiator, no buffs!

    In the second picture, 2 of Gladiator which were in the arena. Put on your thinking caps, and answer, wtf, gladiators see invisibility?????

    whats happend GUES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you think someone is cheating, report him/her directly to support.
    Posting hackusations on the forum is forbidden.

    - Fregion.


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  • Well, there was always bug in arenas that you were able to see invisible, Idk exactly how it works but...I know it was possible, tho, also, he could use the Seed to see you...but ofc...there can be hack depends only on logs of that player :)
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  • We have already passed on Spatalos when the clan Prеts, in full force used cheats!
    Should it ever stop?

    And it is not clear, why are there no answers from admins.