Help Needed: Live AION wallpaper!

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    • Help Needed: Live AION wallpaper!

      Hi I need some skilled Daeva to help me!
      I'd like to use the current Login screen( yep, the one where you enter your Id and Pass) to be set as my main live wallpaper.
      Now, before you ask because you will, I have got a hell of a pc and 16 GB of ram so resources wise it won't be a problem. There should be a way to extract the live login screen file from the games files and convert it to a live wallpaper. Please tell me there is a way!

      Edit: Either Live Wallpaper or Screensaver, the easiest to get will do!

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    • Hello,
      Since the login screen is in fact just a normal map, the best I can do, is provide you with a screenshot without any UI.
      • Aion0188.jpg

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    • Hey Fregion, Thanks a lot for the fast help! I Appreciate it.
      Although the screenshot is quite nice, it lacks the feeling of the live session: the water flowing, the bits of lighting shining here and there etc.
      I take it you believe my request is not possible to fulfil, hence why I am a bit sad. Unless, of course, someone can prove us wrong!

      Cheers xx
    • Oh yeah that's a great idea!
      I'm using this animated wallpaper for the intro outro of my stream because it looks so lovely!
      You can get the wallpaper easily by using Wallpaper Engine on Steam.
      Just install the software, browse the Worshop to find the Aion animated wallpaper and click to apply it to your monitor wallpaper!
      Easy :>
      Opaline - Asmodian

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