Pinned [Suggestion Thread] Suggestions for future versions of the Daeva Care Initiative

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    • [Suggestion Thread] Suggestions for future versions of the Daeva Care Initiative

      Over the past weeks, many of you asked for a way to submit your suggestions for future iterations of the Daeva Care Initiative. We thought about this for quite some time and decided to create a special thread for you to submit your ideas and to vote on the ideas other users suggested.

      If you want to submit a suggestion, simply create a reply to this thread, explain your idea as detailed as possible and create a poll that allows other users to vote either for or against your suggestion. Suggestions that receive a lot of positive feedback will then be forwarded by us.

      Please keep in mind that this thread is only for your suggestions. For discussions regarding these suggestions, please use the discussion thread.

      Your Team

      A list of things you should keep in mind for your suggestion to be successful:
      • Describe your idea as detailed as possible. This way it will be easier for others to understand what you really want.
      • Be realistic. Suggestions that ask for unrealistic things (e. g. "give everyone lots of free stuff from the shop") are unlikely to make it into the game.
      • Don't submit ideas that were declined in the past. We probably know about them and are going to remove them.
    • Do you think more EXP-Buffs and APES/Serums as reward for hero quests are a good addition to the game? 102
        Yes (94) 92%
        No (8) 8%
      • Extra experience events during the weekend (not once every two months guys!), in addition to the permanent 50% exp buff. 100% would be good, 200% would be awesome.
      • All-Powerful enchantment stones and Holy Upgrade Serums added as a reward for an hero quest. Even if it's an hard one, or even only once a month, it would help.
      // Poll added - Cyan
    • Do you think we need Magic stone of level reduction obtainable in game 101
        Yes (93) 92%
        No (8) 8%
      Magic stone of level reduction - Now we have even more gear and weapons at level 80 - Bygone weapons, Prigga Weapons and Armours, Apollon Weapons, Armours and accessories, the world drop ones. And more to come in the next patch - from the Narakali. The success rate of these is ridiculous low and they can be obtained only once per character so people have to level toons over and over again to 66 until they succeed with the reduction which can take forever. If you decide to add them as an item that can be obtained from instances level 66+ then they have to be with higher chance than Serums and APES.

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    • Insta 65 101
        Yes (25) 25%
        No (76) 75%
      Change the brilliant beginner pack so that after you've completed your ascension quest it instantly makes you level 65 which is where the game starts anyway nowadays. There's something like that available in Korea which has been reported being a best seller in the cash shop lately.

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    • Add Mythical Supplements to Hero Trial 96
        Yes (84) 88%
        No (12) 13%
      In the current situation it's really hard for players to get enough supplements to go along with their needs. Atreia pass provides some, but not quite enough. What about a small amount of mythical supplements being added to the hero trial so that players have more reasons to actively finish them every day.

      No idea how to make a poll though :(

      edit: added the Poll for you, you can just go on "more options" there you have Poll to choose. BR Sita
    • Make high daeva manastones & 100% mighty socketing aids more available 92
        YES, I can't afford even one +10 manastone, cuz it costs twice more expensive, than my lvl 80 weapon. (72) 78%
        NO, I like overpriced high daeva manastones & nonexistent 100% mighty socketing aids, despite the fact they were introduced with 5.0 release nine months ago. (20) 22%
      It's a hot topic being discussed by the players on a daily basis. It would be great to add some to the Veteran Rewards.

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    • Guaranteed Loot/Quest rewards for Piton? (Pick one 1-4, Pick one 4-7; or Pick 8) 80
        1- Holy Upgrade Serum (20) 25%
        2- APES (31) 39%
        3- Manastone Bundles (+7 or higher) (20) 25%
        4- Other rewards (2) 3%
        5- Single item for the party to roll on (2) 3%
        6- 2-3 items for the party to roll on (11) 14%
        7- 1x item per player (30) 38%
        8- Keep Piton as is, no additional rewards (13) 16%
      EDIT: I changed poll - Votes can be changed if you already voted.

      While I personally think the 10% drop chance for APES and Holy Upgrade Serums in HD Dungeons is a good idea, I don't necessarily agree with the drop rate. While I'd personally like to see the rate doubled, which would probably still not swamp the market, that's actually not the point of my suggestion. Currently, difficult PvE is barely rewarding, namley Garden of Knowledge: The weapons aren't Best-in-Slot anymore and more expensive than Prigga Legion's gear, which can be attained by AFKs - and the armour never really was (apart from niches). The Accessories are, at this point, probably the only reason to even bother with the dungeon, as the quest for killing Piton gives less reward than killing Ashuntal in A-Dred (+5 and +4 - Piton only gives a +4 Stone).

      So, now my suggestion would be adding guaranteed or significantly increased chances of attaining valuable loot from Piton (only!). Plus, considering even if you did all four entries per week, not even the whole party would end up with that loot, maybe having multiples drop wouldn't be that bad of an idea. The boss is still hard enough, so the chances of swamping the market or significantly decreasing the value are relatively minmal - plus, if the rewards were good enough, it would give an incentive to hardcore players to purchase reset scrolls to the dungeon - because if GameForge sells resetscrolls and players can still make a profit ingame from others, both parties win. The less RNG on it, the better.

      So now, I'm not sure about what exactly the loot table would look like - but I think increasing the rewards on difficult PvE content would be a great idea.

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    • Do you think we should have easier access to any of those crafting mats? 58
        Natural Energy (35) 60%
        Natural Essence (35) 60%
        Edible Fruit (24) 41%
        None (13) 22%
      As i leveled my magical craft to 240 quite long ago the more i craft the mroe kinah i burn and my returns are none quite literaly. From day to day i think this craft is just worthless in all aspects if you want to actually gain kinah. One of the biggest problems is that when i am crafting i'm using enormous amount of natural energy and natural essences for the items. Those drop on some places aroudn the map. However problem comes with crafting magical foods and some other goodies such as pots which requires Edible Fruit which drops with much lower probability. I tried crafting magical foods and pots in the past but to craft 1 of those was like 100k+ while i cant sell them for more than 30k for example, which makes no sense to me.
      So my suggestion is if it is possible to have additional reward from few of the hero trials or may be a drop from "special places" (i'd suggest the 2 door-opening mobs in adma and lab) in some kind of bulk (lets say 20) or smt like that. It might not seem that much but should at least make some more ppl put them on broker or the ppl crafting having slightly easier time getting those.

      Edit: added "none" as an option

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    • Increase Drop Rate +1 - +3 Manastones and "Thunder"/"Full Moon" Items 70
        Yes (47) 67%
        No (23) 33%
      Since there is also a need for a lot of Manastone and basic Gears as well, i think it would be good if you increase the drop rate of HD Manastones of +1 to +3 level in the over world, along with increase in the drop rates of gears like Mythic "Thunder" Set and "Full Moon" Set (only those two sets).

      Having a lot of +1, +2 and +3 HD Manastones won't effect the economy much, since at most we need to have +5 HD Manastone and above, to surpass the stats given by either lvl 70 Superior or Heroic Composite Manastones (just for example, you would need about 2000+ of "+3 HD" Manastones or nearly 20,000 "+1 HD" Manastones to get one "+10 HD" Manastone).

      On the other hand, increase in the drop rate of gears like "Thunder" Set and "Full Moon" Set in the Over World, would not only allow players to get basic gears for lvl 66+ (as they have no "Enmity Boost" stats, they are mostly for Solo Play only). But also help out in supply of materials needed for many HD crafting items.

      edit: added poll, BR Sita
    • 100% manastone socketing lvl 80 shop/event 77
        yes (54) 70%
        no (23) 30%
      100% Socketing Lv 80 should be added in shop or in event at least. because people can barely afford +8 +9 +10 high deava manastones and they don't wanna risk socketing it with supps
    • Accessories enchanting: 81
        incrase the success rate (24) 30%
        add an event where it don't break upon fail (atleast to +5) (39) 48%
        leave it as it is (18) 22%
      Incrase success rate/add an event where accessories don't break upon fail?
    • Little Nerf a Magic Suppresion (Ancient Manastones) - Because it's to Hard to kill players with this set Physical Defence not working good if we compare Physical Manastones with Magic Suppresion Manastones and disable ArchDeava Form's in Arena's and PvP Instance (1vs1 , 3vs3 , 6vs6 , 12vs12) - Because it's really unfair (according to normal players without 75lv) if forms decides about Win or Lose
    • Should magic suppression's effect be nerfed as a custom, community requested change for EU? 72
        No. (43) 60%
        Yes, nerf magic suppression effects by half, so 4000 magic suppression would suppress only 2000 magic boost. (13) 18%
        Yes, nerf magic suppression by 25% (9) 13%
        Yes, nerf magic suppression by 75% (7) 10%
      About Magic Suppression...
    • Do you want cleric damage to be nerfed? 68
        Yes (30) 44%
        No (38) 56%
      Nerf clers. Dps cler (support class btw) must not dp more dps than others.
      Wellyoz - chanter, Ryordian - cler, Delac - temp
      Hoshizora - glad, Me - temp, Mrcarrot - cler. With this dps of cler we didnt do even single kill cause he did very good support work at the same time.
      So, lets nerf clers too.
      1st screen cler is 2nd mark, 2nd screen - he is 1st mark.

      // Poll added - Cyan
    • Mounts account warehouse tradeable 64
        Yes (59) 92%
        No (5) 8%
      Store mounts in account warehouse :)

      This would help decreasing the travel time for people leveling up alts or new mains :) It sucks buying a mount that is only available in the Aion Shop for 1 week and then have it locked in a character that you don't play any longer due to changing main.

      edit: added the poll for you - BR Sita
    • Tradeable reskill scrolls should be available in game more frequently 49
        Yes (42) 86%
        No (7) 14%
      make reskill scrolls available ingame, more than just once and in a weekly or xx time basis (tradable no jakunerk)

      added the poll - BR Sita
    • PvP Tournaments 44
        1v1 ,no gs, equal gear. (22) 50%
        3v3, no gs ,any gear ( bcs for clers with same gear will be tough) (6) 14%
        6v6 , no gs , any gear( same situation as 3v3) (12) 27%
        1v1 ,3v3, 6v6 no restrictions. (p2win for the win but not only ) (6) 14%
        No Tournaments at all (8) 18%
        DP+cellatu/drana (1) 2%
        no DP only greater healing potion and no adittional buffs / commander potions etc (10) 23%
      Would be great to make pvp Tournaments with no godstones and equal gear .1v1 or 3v3 or even 6v6 on every server but asmo+ely ( or apart)
      I think GM is able to teleport all of us in one location where Tournament "could "take part with no pillars no flight( or with) etc

      I also want to add that if gear and gs will be the same , lvl and CP will not matter so much ( but i might be wrong)
      + u can vote 2 times ( 1 adittional vote is for last 2 options of Poll). If u vote no Tournaments u dont need to vote for last options.
      It might be hard to organize on every server but the best option would be to create 1 tournament per month ( i mean 1 month Antri , 2nd Deyla etc)
      ( or if u have any other ideas ...)
      If u want to add something fell free!
    • Mighty Supplement Bags 51
        Yes (47) 92%
        No (4) 8%
      Add Bundle of 30 mighty Supplements (Mythical) ( to the game.
      Ppl on NA for example can get them via Reward Coins from their Prestige Packs.

      We could get them from Fortuneer or Radiant Ops Tokens. (option for pvers and pvpers)

      I think a price of 10-15 per Bundle is legit.

      I know that there was already a Poll to add Mighty Supps to the game, but IMHO its not worth to add them directly in the game, like this they would be tradeable and ppl that don't have any use for them could just sell them instantly without enchanting an item themself and trying to sell it for a ridicolous price.
    • Update Hero Trials

      Update Hero Trials 60
        Mighty Supplements (Mythical) (42) 70%
        All-Powerful Enchantment Stone (41) 68%
        Holy Upgrade Serum (34) 57%
        Spinel Medal (29) 48%
        AP items (18) 30%
        Nothing (3) 5%
      Current Hero Trials rewards are useless for characters 75 level. I suggest adding new weekly Hero Trials quests with a valuable rewards for 75 level characters.
      Few ideas for new weekly quests:
      1) Kill 100 enemy in Akaron
      2) Kill 3 times last boss in LoK
      3) Kill 80 leaders bosses 77 level in Nosra/Esterra