Quite a lot questions about chanter

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    • Trubbish wrote:

      I don't. I prefer Magic of Incitement for the additional 5% Physical Attack increase.
      Which is interesting, because I'm not entirely sure which variant is superior. Full DPS with WoI or Support with MoI?

      Naturally, MoI is a 3,3% damage increase (with 100% up only 2%) - and while that alone doesn't make up for the DPS lost from Blessing of Wind (and somewhat Mountain crash), the major reason to run MoI is the huge DPS loss from spamming Word of Inspiration every 15 seconds, which is also a hassle considering you might have to use it too early, too late or break a chain.

      Though of course, a Chanter in a full magic dps party doesn't need to use WoI in the first place, thus making MoI the worse choice.

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    • Cura wrote:

      Yes, Jotun also 1k4. Every boss has 1k4 threshold in 5.XX (since Makarna, it has been like this).
      Well, that's junk. There are not only a few bosses that are fine with ~1,3k. Not all of course, but you can't possibly generalize it like that either. The Jotun doesn't need that much at least according to tests.

      Nowadays it's pretty easy though to get a lot of crit if you have decent gear and manastones + the usual like a Golden Feather. One reason why I wouldn't prefer Crit/Att over Att/Crit feathers for example, but of course that depends on yourself and your choice of gear in the end.

      You can mainly take your average crit rate from the skills, not from the autohits as explained above already. So if most of your often used skills are around ~50% Crits it shows that you have enough for a certain target.
    • I'm not sure about jotun because when I made my tests, I was also concerned by accuracy (3k6), which I couldn't reach at first without playing with the accuracy stat (via skill pts). So I was always above 1k4 crit.

      But now, with my current stuff, even if I don't put any pts in accuracy and attack food, I reach 1k4, so I can't test it anymore with my sin.

      Anyway, I tested labo / adma / library / eye of garden knowledge / Piton / arkhal, and every time, 1k4 seemed to be the best compromise. So I assumed that the crit threshold was fixed for every boss in 5.XX.

      Which one(s) would need less than that according to you?
    • Cura wrote:

      I tested labo / adma / library / eye of garden knowledge / Piton / arkhal, and every time, 1k4 seemed to be the best compromise.
      Adma/Lab is definitely only around 1,2k-1,3k - at least not more. I did countless runs with 1,3k there and it was always around 50%.
      Library is 1,4k, at least for the final boss so far I know (but probably less for the rest), so far I know Eye and Jotun in Garden are lower though.
      About Arkhal and Kroban I'm not sure. I was in Arkhal last week though with Gladiator and had no more than 1320 Crit and a 50% rate (aionpveranks.com/index.php?sit…on_details&sessionid=5696). Afterwards in Kroban our chanter dc'ed and I had even less (around 1250 or in case I used other food no more than 1320 [doubt that though], Pole has similar stats) crit but still a 50% rate (aionpveranks.com/index.php?sit…on_details&sessionid=5709), so I assume these don't need that much either. I don't know though if the nerf last week changed anything or whether it affected Library in case.