Here comes Mecharin

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  • Here comes Mecharin

    Hey there everyone,

    Some of you may already know me from the 5.0 and 5.1 Update streams or from the AION Meet&Greet. For everyone else: I’m Mecharin (Mech as in a Mecha from i.e. Gundam :P) and I am a Game Designer on AION like Mookie. I joined the team last year and have been working on everything, from events, to shop updates, to new features like Daily Quests. I also visited NCSoft together with Nic last year to discuss AION 5.0.

    I’ve been a Gamer all my life and especially enjoy MMORPGs, RPGs, Strategy and Action games – other than that my love for Anime takes up a lot of my free time.

    Also a big fan of all things Sci-Fi and I try to participate in some Friday Night Magic every now and then – I have to somehow validate the money I spend on all the MTG cards after all.

    In AION I am mostly playing on my Asmo bard, and also started on a Gladi (I like melee classes with big weapons, what can I say?).

    As some of you may have noticed Mookie has not been that active anymore – that is because he has to focus on other topics at Gameforge right now. Hence I decided to step up to make sure we continue having a Game Designer participate in the Shop and Event threads to answer your questions and respond to your feedback.

    I have been an invisible reader on the forum since I joined and even sometimes told Mookie to write something since we figured it would be easiest to just have one active Game Designer write on the forum – but now things have changed.

    Anyway, I look forward to interact more actively with all of you :D