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    • < I n f i n i t y > (i think they require u to be at least 70 with high gear, not sure tho)
      < Luck Cant Save You > (also 70+ with gear altho i dont think uber high is required)
      < ENTAXH > (used to be mainly greek , now is international , i believe no requirement to enter)
      < SoulRippers > (69+ usually they want pvp geared ppl too, but i believe they invite others as well)
      < Shake it Off > (looking mostly for pvp players, however not sure how many active ppl are there atm, gotta ask divine for that)
      < Ten Percentage Buff > (Its legion jsut for having permanent 10% xp buff all the time, many ppl online at all times but not rly a legion, legi chat is barely used for anything useful)

      u might check < Empyrium Transcedence > as well (just few players, but mostly friendly and good players, however not sure if they're recruiting )

      Many more little legions that are also recruiting. However legions are not rly important nowadays, its mainly the name tag and chat. You can play without legion without any issues- whats important is that u find some friends :D

      PS. have in mind there are few legions that are being avoided as they have big amount of bad players in them (not specifying anything on this matter tho!)

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    • As I explained to you before, serious legions may have level requirement. Before you hit 66+ it's not necessary to be in a legion and as t0re said, to make friends is more important. Besides for most, if not all of low lvl content you don't need a legion.
      /I even solo some instances with my alt.