Luna crafted items with limited usage

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    • Luna crafted items with limited usage

      After crafting some floors and walls i registered them and was trying different combos, only to realize some of items were gone. And today I finally saw that these items have limited usage (like 2 or 3 times), so you can literally waste them in couple of seconds when you switch between different items trying to find nice floor/wall combination, especially since floor and wall previews are really bad.

      The message about uses remained is quite hard to see, since (I am 99% sure, can't check, cause I don't have any other floor/wall item to register...) it is visible only after you register items and when you hover over the item icon.

      It's not fun, these items could at least have 30 or 60 day timer or at least 30 usages (yeah yeah, I know, GF needs cash... :evil: ).

      Which other items have limited usage? Roofs, fences, outside walls maybe???? Any trick for more usages?

      Dancing through the midnight whirl-pool, formless
      Hope it can continue a little while longer