Why events are very bad nowadays, I figured it out.

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    • Why events are very bad nowadays, I figured it out.

      You know I was thinking what killed events, and I think I figured it out.

      The [PROMO] stuff that Gameforge does, killed [EVENTS]

      They pretty much separated what was one body, and took the good reward part and made it p2w only, while keeping the "free" events semi-p2w but available to everyone.

      Quite clever these people at Gameforge, so we have events that are made for players, called events, which are supposed to drop what the [PROMO] ones drop, but they took that aspect and made it p2w only, while also keeping the normal events p2w but nobody spends on them because they drop so poorly, so now the p2w people spend their money at [PROMO] and that's why a new player has zero chance of making it in Aion.

      Thoughts? Before events used to drop quite nicely, so it was an incentive for both free and paid players to invest both real money and time, now? So much changed.
    • I don't agree with everything here.

      You can get by without doing any shugo or other crap events, just as you could in the past.
      You could make 4 chars 67~70 and make , 40kk a day just with the 40h quests.
      Though it'd be time consuming as hell.

      Also, they prety much screwed over the whales as well.
      There is absolutely no point in buying anything event related in the shop.

      Like, i used to burn shugo scroll by hundreds in the past.
      I didn't spend a dime on them, just sold what i looted, and still ended up with a huge extra.
      Can't mention any event, that actually rewards anyone for their cash or effort.

      In another topic i talked about the changes on most event types, so i wouldn't go into too much details.
      But the thing is, some of them became shop exclusive, but even those drop so poorly, that there is no point in investing time or money.
    • Concerning the Promo or Event tags in front of the event names that you see:
      The events themselves were not really changed, what was changed (after following the advice of different players) was to tag these based on their type so that players know from the beginning what to expect. We have Promos, Boosts, Events, PvP, PvE, PvPvE etc...
      It was not just done for shop-related events and normal events =)
    • anemsalok wrote:

      The events themselves were not really changed,
      Yeah that's correct. The events are still the same, some are easier than original.

      But what has changed over the years and you can't deny it, are the chances on rewards. Meanwhile in 2017 they are so utterly rubbish bad and the number of items you get that much nerfed. people who used to spend money in aion shop for event keys/reset scrolls are NOT spending money anymore cuz they get nothing, literally nothing in return.
      I used to buy reset scrolls and even keys for Shugo in the past, now I don't even run the instance anymore, or participate in any event you did the past 2-3 years.
      It's enough to read the forum and know to not even bother with it.
    • Have to say, while the drop list this time was really good, but sadly all that went to waste as the drop rate of both Keys and the items from the Chest was bad.

      I may have not done like 100+ runs like many others, but i do think i did atleast around 40 runs or so. Its low mainly because i got irritated by not getting anything good, so gave up on runs for about a week or so.

      But still around 40 runs isn't that low either, and what do i get in those runs. The best i got was some bundle of Manastones (both HD and lvl 70 Composite), and that's all.
      Nothing else, not even a single APES or Holy Serum or Level Reduction Stone, which were i believe the most important and needed ones out of all the rewards.

      I really have nothing else to say now. Don't really know if i should have any expectations from GF as well or not.
      I mean they can clearly see that things are not going properly (i mean they can easily compare the current sale record of Event related items like Reset Scroll and Keys from the SHOP, to older records), but still wish to ignore all of it.
    • Perhaps.. but have you played the early shugos ? I feel the drops were just eye candy.in this one.
      I remember old shugo's I was getting 25-30 tradeable serums doing daily on like 5-7 chars.

      In the end I had 100 keys from alts, I used them all , and the only thing I got was 2 untradeable apes and a few augment bundles this time.