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  • Hints for creating a suggestion / poll

    Hello Daevas

    as suggestions are something important, we would like to give some advice/information

    Check on the already forwarded/declined suggestions
    it doesn't help to push an idea to suggest it over and over again

    Use clear speech, if you have issues with the language, ask friends to help you
    if the responsible people cannot understand what you mean, odds are high your suggestion won't even be read

    Write your basic idea in your first post
    give more details and discuss it with the others in the posts coming later

    Be real
    We do understand that some things are of real importance to you, but be aware that some things are simply not possible

    It will take a while
    While reading and forwarding and again reading is one thing, it is a completely other thing that your suggestion will actually come into life
    Is it possible to do it on GF side? Does it need some tweaks from NCSoft?

    Please add a poll
    let other users give their opinion, not everyone will want to add a comment, but vote for it nevertheless

    We will leave the discussion / poll open for 2 weeks as a minimum before we forward it, if even.
    In case there is inssufficient feedback / votes in that time frame, we might prolong the waiting time before it is forwarded.

    How to create a poll

    poll 2.png

    poll 1.png
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