Pinned [Guide] German language on forum and website?

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  • [Guide] German language on forum and website?

    Hey what's seriously going on with this forum, this is turning up all in german as default. And i dont see anywhere to change it anymore. Even the website is default german for me. and i have to change that to english in the top right corner and its still alot of shit in german on the page, and as soon as i press forums its all german all over the place.

    Hey im a veteran for christ sake, i expect the red carpet to be rolled out at all times.

    ... i also expect to be able to read the forums.

    Oh im from sweden by the way, that shouldnt automatically put german on it should it? make english default.

    Thanks in advance
  • Thanks but this dosnt really help me. If i log out of the forum and go to portal i can change to english, yes. But then i cant log in through the forum page cause i have no idea what my password is on the forum. I log in through with my NCsoft account information, and that account didnt work when trying to login directly trough the forum page.

  • To change the language in the forums click on the second icon at the top (something with "Profil"). Then in the new page there are 4 symbols, click on the second. Now you should see a setting where you can select the language of the forums.