So how is AION going nowdays?

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    • So how is AION going nowdays?

      Short story:

      I was thinking abou coming back to Aion. Oh the husstle. I think im still lvl 72 or something. Need a few years long vocation from real life or can i start having fun right away?
      So i started from forums and found that good old Aion forum full of complaints about events n stuff... this made me write a long story.
      As i am looking on this from fresh angle atm.


      <3 AION: What a wonderful game. Its like a first love for many people.
      ;( I can go and play tons of other games but at some point... i still miss Aion.

      <3 I remember my first essence taping at Poeta.
      :wacko: The ironic beauty of Haramell. How deeply it describes the world of... humans.
      :S All those brainwashed workers.

      <3 Coffee and smoking on the balcony while waiting that one cleric at FT door.

      <3 First PVP... and payback.

      <3 My freshly crafted running scrolls while working out at real life.. All the kinah and feels.

      <3 All the little things are/were great. That is why this game have survived like whole human childhood.

      <3 Those Odellas i collected at lvl 1 to gain some little EXP in long perspective granted me a possibility to craft Scrolls later on.

      <3 The exitement of PVP and even just having golden Abyss accs gave me chance to "pwn some noobs". Those noobs again got hooked to pwn some other noobs.

      <3 :!: ;( :D Hard instances that needed learning... people had tho think and win while undergeared... and profit. You all know the story.

      :sleeping: This would take forever.

      (That is not a good thing.) X(

      WHY? ?(

      Because its like watching Porn. Compared to having sex. :wacko:

      Faster Faster... oooh finish. Engame...
      Well it was something yet it leaves me damn emotionless.

      Its not a good thing for player. Its good for the company. :cookieshugo:

      WHY? ?(

      Now you need to buy stuff or play Aion like you having full time job. X( X( X( 8)

      You all know that too. :sleeping:

      So i rushed though the early game. To have fun at endgame. :thumbup:

      Have fun you say? ?(
      "Let me one-hit you!": says baby with big wallet from papa, teamed up with loyal player sfrom 2010. X( :D

      So the Endgame is like Haramell. I am the Grazy MuMu Farmer?
      This is developers fantasy becoming reality.


      Its not damn Fault of Gameforge. Oh those.. 200 Euros i wasted on stigmas.
      And then got those on my noob char for free. This is where Where i left... Bad memories.

      It was NC Soft. They are creating content that looks good. Those maps are awsome LOOKING. However they lack debth. Aion was a artistic story with exiting PVP.
      This interactive creation of human was Playing well with human dopamine lvls but it had kinda soul.

      Now its like mindless action move with robots and whatever.

      Whoever leads this development is clearly there for the money.
      Not telling stories or giving good expierence for players.

      They have TOP shelf visual artists and so on but no soul.

      However most people do not even ask for it. Whatever new content works. :thumbsup:
      More gear to grind/buy so people go for it. It works! So they do it. :cookieshugo:

      Thats not Gameforge. 8|

      However about GF. Yes they are sitting on gold mountain. Easy work, easy life, easy money. I dont know about numbers: Workers/money and so on. However those people are certainly having over-paid easy work. Breaking a sweat might only happen when heavy joke lands and makes someone blush. I just think so. I dont really know. :thumbsup: ?(

      But this text is not about being jelly. :thumbdown:

      They dont actually have the power to make AION GREAT AGAIN. :saint:

      They need to keep their jobs with this silly Aion shop.GF is not creating any content or developing the game in any meaningful ways.
      However there are private servers who dont get official support and they can do more modifications while having this as a hobby. Just being slow with updates.
      So why they are not overpopulated and skyrocketing? :rolleyes:

      Now players. :saint:

      You are actually the ones who compete each other with gear, broker prices and so on.
      Most of u can afford e50 set right? You want to have competitive fun? Right?
      Make your own events. Asmos and Elyos. Go siege all with e50 sets.
      Well it is impossible because every single one of you wants to cheat on this agreement. Is this GameForges fault again?
      Right now: This cheat is sadly on your wallet. :whistling:

      I hope some day Aion gets full relaunch with only cosmetic shop and new money making system. Like competitive tournament tickets for pvp. Buy the ticket and then its all about blood you can make.
      Not virtual gambling as it is now. :cookieshugo:

      Sorry for terribad english. However when i felt like coming back to Aion i lost it. Thats my thought on it.
      Forums still full of complaints but indexing is wrong. <X

      Thanks for those who read.
      Make this e50 siege happen. :thumbsup:

      I might come to play on day. :cookieshugo:

      :?: The Unknown,