More PvP - Arena Modification

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    • More PvP - Arena Modification

      Hai Guys!

      Now I am usually pretty awful at giving suggestions so bear with me while I get through all of this!

      I would like to suggest the following:

      More Entries to the Golden Crucible - well because 1v1 PvP in a bracket mode is awesome, and the arena map is really nice and not as bugged as the other Arenas.

      Modification to the existing Arena Maps - The Maps suck to be honest, and everybody says it so lets change them!
      An Arena like the Golden Crucible would be nice, but again I suck at suggesting stuff , but it would be great if there could be more 1v1 PvP over the boring Duel system.

    • Hey! Welcome to the forums! :)

      Instances like Golden Crucible are really great for those who look for good PvP, and Aion really needed it. Thing is, in EU servers most of people aren't even well geared and they mostly go afk until the tournament ends. And besides, everyone who is 75 already tend to use their elemental transforms, so it's kinda pointless trying. What I'm trying to explain is that increasing entries will only reward even more to those who can afford victories after a won tournament. Not only that, but it's also up to NCSoft to add more entries, since Gameforge is only the publisher. They need to contact with them to make any change.

      Regarding to the arena maps: I couldn't be more agree with you. Maps are clunky as hell, surprisingly annoying for certain classes. May God hear you with that suggestion.

      And don't worry, your ideas are fine! But you have to remember that it's up to NCSoft decide any of the suggested changes.

      See you around the forums!
    • Agree with click. The only positive site in arena of "tryhard" is that so far no one complained about any bugs.(just the sm pet at start).
      The problem is that few classes just can dominate and abuse it to the maximum, where others can have hard time.
      But 1000++ that dis/glory/cha maps need to be change or few fresh maps shoud be added, after years of same maps...they just borring and bugged ofc.