[PvP/PvE] Go Hunt, Daeva! (until 05.07.2017)

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    • [GF] Mecharin wrote:

      Hey, I am glad you guys enjoyed the event so much :)

      The class rewards will be sent via ingame mail and should slowly arrive within the coming days. As so many of you participated, it can take a while. Please be patient. I will check with our team until when you should all have them.

      The surveys will be sent out next week for the Faction rewards.

      For the next time I will of course reevaluate the points required and the points for the quests with the data we got from this event and your feedback. So if you got more feedback, then now is the best time to let it out!

      Also since you do like it so much, I think running it again in a couple months is not out of the question.
      Thank you a lot for the effort you guys have put into this! This event was way more enjoyable than the one from winter :)

      Some pros and cons, hope it helps for future changes:

      + Way easier reaching last level of rewards, compared to the Winter's one
      + The PvE side encouraged the players to join instances that almost no one would do because they were not rewarding enough
      + More open world PvP activity during the event
      + Increase of APES/Upgrade Serums in the servers; now almost everyone can afford at least one golden feather
      + Free Shugo Coins within the rewards!

      - People who did their weekly garrisons before event started lost straight 1600 points, an issue you guys had to take care of
      - With the event's end, people will start avoiding most of PvE instances again
      - Shugo's Game brought scammers, selling 1 Shugo Coin per 800kk/1kkk
      - Even knowing this event was easier to get its rewards, it still requires too much free time to spare. Points from certain quests were not fair, there's a lack of balance between them
      - What's the point of making untradeable APES and Serums limited by 7d of use? They're untradeable already, so there's no need to limit even more their use
      - I'll give credit for improving open world PvP in Reshanta, however the juicy 1600 points from the garrisons were not fair for low geared / lone wolves because of this. Roah and Asteria, needless to say, were the hardest garrisons for each faction

      I'm happy to know you took in consideration the feedback from Winter's event, because it means you've heard us :P This last one was amazing, big props to you!

      As gratitude, I'll try to give my personal balance regarding to the points:

      Display Spoiler

      Green | +10 points
      Blue | same points as before
      Golden | more than 20 points
      Red | decrease of points


      (Ely quests)

      [10 > 20] Continuing Training
      [10 > 20] Continued Training
      [10 > 20] Continuing training
      [10 > 20] Advanced training
      [10 > 20] [Instanced Zone/Group] An Unpredictable Battle
      [10 > 20] [Instanced Zone/Group] Battle on the Balaur Marching Route
      [10 > 10] [Instance/Group] The Elemental Lord
      [10 > 30] [Spy/Daily] Renewed Attack on Nosra
      [10 > 30] [Spy/Daily] Repeated Attack on Nosra
      [10 > 30] [Emergency Command] Esterra Defence
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Segla's Request
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Rojan's Request
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Lazka's Request
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Billaran's Request
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Bokai's Request
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Monroze's Request
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Desnel's Request
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Dupor's Request
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Laros' Request
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Adma Ruins
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Elemental Lord's Laboratory
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Arkhal's Hidden Space
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Kroban Base
      [10 > 30] [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Library of Knowledge
      [10 > 50] [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Garden of Knowledge
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] The Protectors of the 1st Hall
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] The Protectors of the 2nd Hall
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] The Protectors of the 3rd Hall
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] The Protectors of the Archive of the Inception
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] The Elemental Lord
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] The Puppeteer
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] Artefact Guardian Kroban
      [10 > 20] [Instance/Group] Arkhal
      [10 > 50] [Instanced Zone/Group] Battle against Piton
      [10 > 20] [Instanced Zone/Group] The All-Seeing Eye
      [10 = 10] [Instanced Zone/Group] Escape from the Contaminated Library
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Raiders of Sanctum Battlefield
      [10 = 10] [Emergency Command] Guarding the Raiders of Sanctum Battlefield
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 50th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 51st Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 52nd Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 53rd Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 54th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 55th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 56th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 57th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 58th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 59th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 60th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 61st Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 62nd Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 63rd Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 64th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Defend the 65th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 50th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 51st Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 52nd Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 53rd Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 54th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 55th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 56th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 57th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 58th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 59th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 60th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 61st Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 62nd Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 63rd Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 64th Garrison
      [50 > 40] [Weekly] Protect the 65th Garrison
      [10 > 20] Vague Memories


      A little summary: PvE quests will give more points while garrisons offer less.

      The balance of these points must seem a mess for you, but the main purpose is to encourage a bit more the PvE instances, as well as rewarding more those who look into PvP. From my point of view, garrisons have made the players rely too much on them. Those points became a great income, so if you'd ask me, there should be more ways to achieve points! Maybe lowering the neccesary points (from 6000 to 5000, for example) would work too, but after all it's up to Gameforge to decide. This beind said, it's clear that I do not work for Gameforge, so don't expect these changes be applied since they must have their own balance in mind. This is just an example on how points should go :)
    • Kranos wrote:

      People who did their weekly garrisons before event started lost straight 1600 points, an issue you guys had to take care of
      The french CM told us they will count manually the points made just before the event :)

      Nevermind there is also an english announce on the official FB :
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    • Please add the old event back (make one event pvp exclusive and one event pve exclusive, this current one that we had can be considered pve exclusive) it was much better to have active big maps such as akaron for pvp events. There was always something I could do when I logged in and it was also fun every day.
    • Rym wrote:

      Please add the old event back (make one event pvp exclusive and one event pve exclusive, this current one that we had can be considered pve exclusive) it was much better to have active big maps such as akaron for pvp events. There was always something I could do when I logged in and it was also fun every day.

      t0re wrote:

      If they make full on pvp one it rly needs to be quest one coz this last hit zerg stuff was stupid from every point of view
      Well its ok if maybe they do it "Rank Hourly" basis and also make the quests either be done only as solo or in group.
      So, less chance of Zergs.

      What i mean by "Rank Hourly" basis, is that give quests out based on Rank and Level for a specific period of time, and have them do PvP in Akaron.
      If anyone who doesn't have the quest for that specific Rank and Time Period, kills an opposing faction player, they would receive a penalty (maybe loss of AP, something like minus 100,000 per kill).
      This way it would be harder for anyone to do Zergs and also give chance to lower geared players some good quality PvP.
    • You cant really make an pvp event where there is no 'lets call it misbehaviour' involved, if its in akaron/gelk/BT side there will always be that hugh number of 'igotsomeasmofriendstohelpmeout' ppl who get 'quests' done much easyer/faster then the normal players..ive seen it happen on this event aswell 'ppl who did abyss quests already on monday end up with more points then someone who still has to do them #somanygeneralsdyinginabyss' so pls make a pvp event wich has only to do with arena pvp limited to 5 runs a week (so sharks with 10k scrolls can sit on them) and even a lower geared person does have a chance to win some (vs afk maybe, but still).. i loved this event, but might be some room for improvement (altho what i think maybe wrong as a 6yeared riding a ducati :thumbsup: )
    • Since @GFMecharin seems was responsible for this event running ,i give u a big big applause.As part of the group of people that was unhappy with recent events for almost a year and especially their drops this WAS THE BIG WIN of the year.The event not only gave what people have been asking for ,all this time,APES and SERUMS but also was more approachable by everyone.Comparing the previous event and this one ,the current one wins the comparison by far.I saw some people still complaining..well anyway.

      -Easy to do for PVE'rs and PVP'ers
      -Doesn't demand the no life the previous event asked for.
      -Rewards were actually REWARDING

      This event had only 2 negatives only :
      - The points for faction/classes needed to be lowered considering the population(hoping the results will make u adjust them)
      - The points for pvp quests (a bit higher) to motivate people pvp more in open world.

      Can't wait for it to come back. :)
    • The event was compared to others in the past realy good.

      You DONT need to be 24/7 in front of a PC. (+)
      You actually get nice rewards, without playing non-stop.(+)
      You know from the start which points was reachable for yourself since you didnt need to hope for rng last hit kills.(+)
      You coud farm with alts. (+)

      More difficult quests shoud give more points(-).

      Mybe add some pvp dayli q like 20/50 kills across arteria (all maps) for 50/100 pts.

      Definetly run this event or a similiar again, it was funn.