Go Hunt, Daeva!

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    • Go Hunt, Daeva!

      Hot events to kick off summer

      Don’t matter what the weatherman says, cause in AION it’s getting hot this summer! Charge into some heated PvP battles from 21/6 to 5/7 or show off your courage and bravery together with your friends in PvE.

      Additionally it’ll be worth your while to pay the Black Cloud Merchants a visit: you can once again win valuable prizes in the Shugo Game!

      PvP and PvE Event

      Event duration: 21/6 to 5/7/2017
      Minimum level: none

      Earn rewards based on your point score that you increase by completing quests. At the end of the event, there’s even rewards for your class and your faction!

      • The event does not demand a minimum level: participation is based solely on the requirements of the quests. (You’ll find a list of the quests further below.)
      • If you complete these quests, you will receive points. As soon as you reach a certain amount of points, you will receive rewards.

      This time we have changed the reward system a little: the best players will not get their own rewards at the end of the event. Instead, all AION players can look forward to something new, that is more fun for everyone:
      • Rewards will go to your faction when it reaches a set point score on your server. After completion of the event, the rewards will be sent out via an in-game survey.
      • Rewards will also go to your class if it reaches a set point score within your faction. You’ll find the rewards in an in-game mail after the event completes.
      • Please be aware: toreceive a reward for your class, your character must have at least finished oneof the quests used for this event.



      Faction Rewards

      Class Rewards

      Event Rankings
      To ensure that you have a better overview of how you are doing compared to others, we have put an event ranking table online. Alongside your own position, you can see how others are doing – provided you are in the top 100 for your class, faction and on your server. The ranking will be available shortly.

      • The rankings will only be updated every half an hour.
      • Only the top 100 per class, per faction and per server will be displayed.
      • The ranking list will be online till 5th July 2017.

      Shugo Game
      Running: 21/6 to 5/7

      The Black Cloud Merchants are once again running their popular Shugo Game, in which you can win valuable prizes from 21/6 to 5/7 – including the Shark Leader's Weapons Chest, the Shark Leader's Accessories Chest, Antriksha's Equipment Chest, the Farside Lightning Dragon King's Sublime Weapons Chest and much more

      To take part, you will need Shugo Game Tokens, which you can purchase in the AION Shop from 21/6.

      How the Shugo Game works:
      • Open the Shugo Game by clicking on the Shugo symbol at the bottom-right side of the screen.
      • Then, by clicking on 'Continue', the game will start and a Shugo Game Token will be used up.
      • Try to upgrade the weapon to the maximum level (8) to then earn reward of the highest level.
      • Naturally you can click on 'Stop' at any time to end the game and collect the reward for the level that you have attained.
      • The upgrading can also fail. Should this happen, you will receive the reward for level 1. If you wish to start from the beginning, you will need another Shugo Game Token.
      • By using Shugo Game Tokens, the upper bar fills with Shugo Points. Once it is full, the Nyerk Fever begins. As long as this is active, your chances of successfully upgrading increase and it is more likely that you will win more valuable prizes.
      Note: You will automatically be given the prize for the level that you got to if you log out or switch to a different character while participating in the Shugo Game. The game cannot be continued. We also made some changes to the way the current Shugo Game is working and individual levels will feel a bit different, while the overall chance to reach level 8 is now a little bit higher than before.

    • Hello all!

      Here you can find an overview of the current distribution of points for the factions and classes on each server.

      We would also like to announce that for players that had already completed their weekly quests before the event had started, we will add the points missed this way manually to their point totals in the coming days. This will of course also cause a shift in the point totals (over 2 million points will be distributed this way) and we will release another update on the status of class and faction points in the coming days.

      Faction Points:

      The class points can be found here.
    • Here are the final points at the end of the event as well as some info regarding the rewards:

      We are already delivering the rewards for the class tiers and everyone should receive their rewards during the course of the next day. Remember: only those characters that finished at least one of the event quests will be eligible to receive the rewards. The rewards for the factions will follow next week, in the form of a survey.

      Faction Points:

      The class points can be found HERE.