Weekly Maintenance: 05.07.2017

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    • Weekly Maintenance: 05.07.2017

      This Wednesday, the 05th of July 2017, we will perform our regular maintenance. Web services and servers will be unavailable from 8:00 am CEST.

      • [PvE] Kumuki (Bi-Weekly) - until 12.07.2017.
      • [PvP/PvE] Go Hunt, Daeva! - will be deactivated.
      • [Promo] Shugo Game - will be deactivated.
      • [Boost] +50% Exp/+50% Drop (Nosra and Esterra) - permanent, until further notice.
      • [Boost] +50% Exp Extra (100% total) - active until 12.07.2017.
      • [Boost] +50% Crafting - active until 02.08.2017.
      • [Boost] +50% Drop - will be deactivated.
      • [Boost] +50% AP - will be deactivated.
      [Additional Info]
      • Daeva Care Phase 2 will start.
        - Daeva Care Phase 2: Runatorium Ruins entries will be increased for Gold Pack users (1->2).
        - Daeva Care Phase 2: The Drop Boost will only displayed in areas where it is active - meaning in Nosra and Esterra.
      • We will fix a bug that allowed the abuse of the party buff.
      • The Anoha Siege will now end after the intended 55 minutes, instead of the current 60 minutes, which lead to the possibilty of gaining both the loser and winner rewards at the same time.
      • The Artefact in the center of the Runatorium Ruins will be fixed.

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