Gearing from total noob to gg in 5.4

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    • Gearing from total noob to gg in 5.4

      Hello,im a gladi lvl 69 soon 70 im a returnee,and i have some questions about stats,sets,manastones.

      1) i would like to know which is the basic pvp gear,and the end game one

      2) what should i socket the basic one with? are low grade base stats better than double stats or lvl 70 yellow??

      3) which set is better for a msupp set?

      4) I have an extend mythical badly deformed with silence Gs,which other weapon im gonna need?

      5) how much atk,crit,accu im gonna need?? how should i spend my creation points?

      I always want to have at least the basic pvp gear and from there to move on slowly and make the end game gear,so it is pretty important to me

    • Hello ruinerdas

      I will close your second thread, as one is enough don't you think?
      Have you checked both the asmodian and elyos leveling guides for a first info, even though if only basic?

      Asmodian Leveling Guide 1-75
      Elyos-Leveling guide for casual player (no p2w or endless elite grinding included)

      regarding gear for pvp

      1. basic usually arena gear, though bear in mind it has no msupp, end game 75 AP, accessories basic rune hero and later 75 AP, though if you follow the news about upcoming patches, there will be new ones again...
      2. I am afraid I won't be of much help here, my gladi runs still around with accu and crit respectively combined manastones, be aware that the low grade manastones can be morphed into higher level ones, so you might want to keep those in the beginning and socket better ones later 5.5 First Info 5.6 First Info 5.8 First Info
      3. simply: I don't know, I hope that someone of the more experienced gladis will hop on by
      4. we are talking about pvp only? eventually a second with para or blind - there are new extends though (bygone)
      5. as point 3. - someone else will have to help out here

      eventually you find something on clicks channel CliickTV - Gladi, Bard, ....
      or as far as I know one of our moderators, @Senpai, has also gladi knowledge

      best regards
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    • 3) just use myth strife set 65 lvl (leather). Its the most simple way
      4) ofc its worse than before, but still playable. If you meet guy with new 80 extend weap, you will see high difference.
      5) with new manastones there is no some exact stats (cause some ppl can have gear socketed with just crit+19 or atk+5/crit, but others could have full power+8+9 and acc+8+9 that is big difference). Just try to socket each part with power+7 x2 and attack+5/crit x4 (maybe 1-2 parts acc+7 instead of power+7).
      About how to use Creation Points: first of all take Compassion of Earth - its op buff for pvp and a bit helps in pve: in critical moments for 15s gives you add. def. Then try to max your power and accuracy stats. If you have some more CP, use it to upgrade simple skills (Daeva skills) that you use the most till 2-3 lvl (ferocious strike, body smash, mass skill that has 10s cd and so on). And upgrade your other skills (High Daeva skills) to new ones at 68, 70, 72 and 74 lvls. Just first lvl of these skills is enough.
      Basic pvp gear and the most fast to get is 70 arena set. Weap: Frost insignia 71 lvl fused with 70 arena. Accessories: Rune hero 70 +0. Arena 70 wings. Gold feather +0.