[POLL] JMR and/or BMR

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    • [POLL] JMR and/or BMR

      Would you like to see the old JMR come back again ? 42

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      I, for one, was quite satisfied with Gameforge taking an initiative with increasing the entry right of Runatorium Ruins. It was a simple step that did not require a major patch to come before being executed. Also everyone that I have asked so far had given me a really positive responses about it. (Feel free to share your idea of it down in the comments)

      So why not take another minor step that would have a similar outcome ?

      The BMR instance itself is not known for its popularity, still though there are players who enjoy it but I am not one of them and surely there are others too and I, for one, have been there only a handful of times and only because friends were asking for it.

      So my suggestion is to bring the old JMR back in to the game (raising its level cap) and make it share cooldown with the current BMR.

      So with that way those who enjoy BMR would not be interrupted from going there and those who enjoyed JMR would have their dungeon back.

      Now I understand that the ideas of the forum users do not necessarily reflect the actual idea of the players (as the numbers are incomparably different due to obvious reasons) so I would say that it would be best to have this question as an in-game survey (in different languages) to get an actual grasp of the thing that would end up satisfying most of the players.
    • I agree to an extent and the old HP of the Abrahn boss and the mobs (along with the gates) should be modified to the 75 level damage compared to the old 65. However those are fundamental changes and I assume they would require new files from NCSoft which means that it can take really long.
      For now it would be a really good start to get the old JMR back as soon as possible.
    • Opening JMR to be 66-75 might be easy, but changing the mobs inside to be higher than 65 would be hard I think ...basically the whole instance has to be remade for that. And leaving it as it is wont be fair, because level 75 people will just skip the mobs and kill their opponents. This to happen Gameforge has to request from NCSoft to make JMR exclusively for EU region. I voted Yes, but I doubt this can happen
    • :like:
      Is it such a bad thing if the mobs are lvl 65 though? Preferably jmr would be more pvp oriented than bmr, so mobs (and especially npcs) not tanking too much damage shouldn't be an issue.
      I also agree I'd like to see the items and bombs removed, plus some change to capping bases, but just having jmr back as an option instead of bmr would be amazing. Shared cooldown is a great idea.
    • t0re wrote:

      I'd rather have those isntances removed all together so ppl actually do smt different in the evening than farm brainless HP, neither of those 2 is actual pvp instance
      Like what ? What can you possibly do 19:00-21:00 other than try to find some decent pvp, or farm ap and HP.

      Voted YES, since BMR is a joke and shoud be immediatley replaced.
    • doesnt matter, farm for xp, or kinah, or do some relaxing pve , open world pvp, help friends, python or w/e - pick one.
      JMR/BMR was never a decent pvp, no1 can tell me that a group instance where u are forced to fight with less than your full team can be called "decent"
      for that reason i have max 50-60 runs of JMR and like 15 BMR, Those two are group destroyers - mainly friendship destroyers, i trully from the bottom of my heart dont want either one of them.
    • You can do this 15 min oblivion run whenever you feel like for "xp", since farming mobs and selling loot is not worth so who does that? mybe 70 lvl ppl;)) pve? Who cares for pve???

      Where else try to find the most importat part of the game(group pvp)??. Since aion is not 1v1 balanced. And yes you can quite offten see that top/smart players are looking for pvp in there. And i can tell you, you get decent pvp there. Having only runatorium to offer is not enought..

      Oh p.s.
      If somone dont like it he doesnt have to run it? So win/win situation.