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    • The AION Shop refresh: see for yourself!

      Dear AION players,

      We’re pleased to present the new and improved AION Shop: it’s far more than just a fresh lick of paint - we’ve also improved the user interface. Moreover, the shop now has even more features, such as the much-desired search function. Naturally, all the features you know from before remain intact.

      Please note that the new AION Shop works a little differently to the old one: for example, an item will be purchased directly when you click on the price. To view an item’s details, you will need to click on the name or the description. Additionally, more changes and adjustments may be made to the AION Shop over time.

      We hope that you like the new shop just as much as we do and that you enjoy perusing the offerings. We also really look forward to hearing your feedback! Send it to us through the usual channels.

      The optimisation of the AION Shop is naturally just one of the many things we are currently working on. There are plenty more improvements coming, such as update 5.6 and phase 3 of Daeva Care.