Do not meet requirements to buy from Aion shop

    • Do not meet requirements to buy from Aion shop

      I cannot buy anything from the aion shop, i do have the aion coins, but every button is white, and when i hover my mouse on top it says: "you do not meet the requirements for this purchase"
      brilliant beginner pack and gold pack are red buttons but whenever i try to buy those, i get an error in addition to being logged out of the site. please help -.-
    • Hey Hmmvanmora,
      About Brilliant Beginner Pack did you already bought it 1 time on your account? Because you can only buy it 1 time per account.
      If not send a ticket to GameForce support, you will get a reply in 1-2 days, on weekends it will take a little more time.
      I hope you can get your problem solved.
    • Its a brand new account, so im sure nothing was bought from the shop before. my cringes lie with the fact that the shop tells me i dont meet the requirements. but they dont tell me what the requirements are...
    • oh ok then did u buy anything at all? Because as far as i remember new accounts have limit on how much they can buy which increases with time/items bought or something like that due to ppl that scammed hard with stolen money in the past