confused with my chanter

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    • confused with my chanter


      1. PvP stats? ppl always said that stuns are related with macc but i can see that other chanters who has less macc than me stuns me more :( and my stun don't proc so often. i have 2,5k macc, 1,5k crit, 4,3 acc.

      2. for pve i have prigga staff but dont know what i should put down (Gok staff is unavailable now for me, on my serwer is very hard to find pt for it, and nobody wants chanter :( ) i think to put down another prigga staf or ac staff.

      3. block set for pvp which set i should do?

      4. msupp set? somebody let me do mythic daevanion cloth set, is it good?
    • 1st I hope u distinguish stun from knockdown coz they're separate and work in different way
      -stun magic = MA needed
      -kb = phys effect, breaks stun,para and its some% upon crit of your weap(i think its 10% base, however u have passive skill for increased chance), works on both autoattacks and skills
      Also have in mind there's that stigma called word of protection , which normally chanters use in pvp - its 50% stun resist. That could be a reason your stuns dont land and if u dont use it respectively stuns will land on u.

      2)as merge u can use absolutely anything u can find (ofc the bigger weap the better, preferably drop weapon as they have high bonuses unlike instance ones) (or another prigga 2nd form works as well)

      3)Arena is currently the only choice, Only difference would come if u want rly high block u might use drop shield as well however u'd be loosing the pvp def stat.

      4)daevanion set? Its true that this set has high suppression and good def stats in general, however not sure if its worth it loosing even more pvp def
      I personally would go for cloth BM or if u plan on using it while figthing yourself may be leather BM for the offensive stats in the conditioning [bare in mind in this variant u have lots less supp than the deavanion cloth but u got more pvp def and offensive stats, so u gotta decide for what u wanna use that set 1st]
      Or u can just pick abyss 65 chain and use it as m supp set , its not ideal but if u already have the set at least u'd put it in good use.
    • glad?
      the only stun gladiator has is from the buff he recieves when he's low HP, no other stuns whatsoever
      thats why i wrote this

      t0re wrote:

      1st I hope u distinguish stun from knockdown coz they're separate and work in different way
      knockdown is NOT stun