Pinned Your best memory from AION?

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    • Rifting, ah... :D too bad I'm now lvl 55 -.-

      Oh, and that quest in Eltnen, when I got "accidentally" teleported to Morheim! I was pretty scared, lol xD
      Aion 3.0 trailer (Underwater world!!! Catching mounts!!!)
      And when I finally got Stormwing's Chausses, lol, I was soooo excited!!!
    • my first pvp in abyss:D,
      I was doing some quests for ap, then all of a suden 5 asmo rush on me,
      i start runing like speedy gonzales, and when i was almost death 5-6 elyos camed to the rescue from air, :X it was so nice :d, It felt like i was in a movie:D and won some ap to:D
      "I will not stop until I become the best gladiator!:D "
      Server: Nexus
      IGN: Sino
      Race: Elyos
      Class: Gladiator
      Ocupation: Smaking asmos
    • 1. first asmos I saw, was in eltnen a few years back. Was like wtf, enemies can come here? :)
      2. first abyss fight, was 1v1 vs what must have been like the 4th asmo I ever saw. My hearbeat went crazy :D
      3. old (1.5) dredgion. No shields, just fights and you could rush straight to the enemy at the start. Was great fun and much more than current oddg / cddg imo.
      4. going for divine fort after server merges with a insane amount of people flying through the abyss. In any direcion I looked I saw other people flying, all to the same fort :)
    • wow its so hard to pick o_o been here so long, so many great memories.

      I think maybe - The early pvp days, running out of morheim fort to a whole zerg wave of ely's we faught each other in green gear! No pvp gear at all. The time when ap gear was myth and fenris wearers were gods lol.

      The time I first logged in to game and ppl couldnt be bothered to play because there were so many people at start area (not enough fruit baskets for that opening asmo quest lol) and so we were all just talking and laughing - so happy to be in aion!

      Lastly the first time I had my general transform, i never thought id make it. The ap for general in those days was only about the same price as a 50e weapon haha.

      Happy times :) thanks for the memories and the amazing people aion <3
    • I was playing my Aion trial and we were smashing some box in middle of a lake with a big group. I couldn't talk due to the trial limitations, but I met a person who later on became a good friend of mine, it's funny how she understood the meaning of my acts solely from emotions.
    • Oh, another memory. My first rift....And I was like on this huuuuuuge mountain in Eltnen and I saw this vague image of a building in the distance and I was like, 'oooh pretty, lets check it out' and I flew straight in to Elyos and he guards xD
    • BSUdrtfk4O4

      My best memories of Aion were frapsed ^^
      All the above was 2 weeks after EU Spatalos was up.
      Already had AP boots + gloves and x3 blue PvP jewels which still help me to pwn 6/7 fights in the arenas.

      Ignore the soundtrack, youtube forced me to remove the originals :(
    • - the lake in Ishalgen.
      - Spy quest that teleported me to Eltnen. I was so excited. Met my very first Elyos peep. I tried to say hello, but he answered with cold steel. I was shocked and very excited at the same time. :)
      - The very first time I was exploring the Abyss with my friends. That was very exciting. There I did meet the second Elyos peep. This time I knew what to do. It was so much fun! :)
      - The first rift. It was hectic. It was exciting. It was fun. Then them purples killed us.
      - The first time I saw Padmaraska.... sheesh!

      So many memories!
    • My best memory was problably when i got my first golden pice. And it was betonis warhammer ^^ This was when fenris peopel where gods so along time ago lol
    • 1st/Best Memory

      My first memory is when I started AION (on 14th february, my first MMORPG), and started to kill lvl1 bugs and kurins and I felt like "Hell yeah! Take this!" and graphics and everything was awesome. My best memory is when I got my 1st pair of wings after the 40lvl (don't remember the name of the quest - killing Icaronix). :)
    • My best and most fond memory:

      Me and a good friend of mine, Kawe, spamming /taunt and /cheer. Both of us were male Sorcerers. Man, we were in total stitches.

      Every time we see each other in-game, it's always /cheer or /taunt.

      :love: I miss 1.5 and Kalil.
    • mmm when i started to play Aion like 2 years ago.. with my friend.. i fell in love with graphics sound skills..etc.. and i still think that this is best mmorpg.. and it will be :thumbsup: and ofc pvp in 1.5 to 2.0 my first gold stigma and 15 august 3.0 update

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    • [NICK]donutdude wrote:

      My best and most fond memory:

      Me and a good friend of mine, Kawe, spamming /taunt and /cheer. Both of us were male Sorcerers. Man, we were in total stitches.

      Every time we see each other in-game, it's always /cheer or /taunt.

      :love: I miss 1.5 and Kalil.
      Was it the old Elyos cheer ? *pompoms dude, pompoms...*
      "We shall be the dark wings of discord"

    • When I finished my 30e abyss full bloc gear with my cleric and encounter some glad that started aggressing me and doing 2,4,7,4,6,7 damage, that was so fun. And the pvp sessions my IRL friend are sometimes so epic...

      Once we went to sulfur and saw a bunch of purple and red elyos, we approach them slowly and saw that the purple let us in peace and the red went to pick some fight! It was so fun one of the ely kept autoreseting just in front of us, I know it's bad but we kept killing him because he gave us many ap and he kept resetting : so fun :love:.

      When I encounter my first pvp geared ally, a sin who made me love pvp. He was so strong I was so amazed!
    • My 1st and most LOL memory... at the 1st week of launch when i went to verteron for the 1st time i got ganked by a sin and i shouted at vent "I DIDN'T ACCEPT THIS DUEL REQUEST"

      2nd LOL memory as we were pvping a friend said "transformers" and a friend on vent continued by singing "robots in the sky" (Transformers theme song)

      And 1 more, as some1 crafted me armor for my striped cleric and convinced me to go pvp ^^