Pinned Your best memory from AION?

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    • first time i rifted i ran into that huge dino in heiron.. good times. i strangely really miss grinding balaur in the core. the abyss was just great.
    • My first siege as a lvl 25...
      It was upper, and we went Miren. I lagged so hard at the doors and all I saw was a sea of red. Next frame, like five seconds later or more, I was dead...It was pretty hilarious! CHARGE - DIE! :D

      Then I did learn of Shift + F12, if not too late.
      But the sieging made me safe up for a new computer!
    • I will never forget the first time that i saw the Lake Tunapre at the beginning of asmo area (i dont remember well if its called like that), on the closed beta , more than 2 years ago. The graphics, plus the excellent soundtrack, got me hypnotized for a while and i couldnt resist to make a screenshot ^^

      I also enjoyed a lot Aion on its first days, when a lot of people was login into the server, and all the cities were full. Now I'm having the same feeling again... its nice to remember old times :)
    • Running with Legion of Liberty in their older lower deck abyss sieges, back when Asmodae basically owned Perento and we were trying to get a fresh batch of Eylos players geared, prior to the arenas going in. I vividly remember one night on Sulfur, where I played lead tank holding the entrance to guardian chamber, with LoL's lead cleric, Cleo at my back. One of the first times I truly felt invincible on my main – an utterly awesome night.
    • Probably a couple of sieges:
      the first siege in beta, when we (asmo) managed to conquer siel forts. was quite epic to do that as a cleric healing all the alliance.

      another good one, was yesterday: in nexus we had a great siege with like 1000 players pvping.

      My pvp moments... well, they are countless. Let's say, my first General transformation and hitting a good 6k stunning shot on one of my known-and-hated-elyos-player.
    • 29 months make quite some memories, I remember getting ganked over and over again on my cleric back in autumn 2009 so that I nearly quitted, finshing the lv 30 daevanion armor for my templar just to decide the next day that I was going to make the sin my new main and exchanging all to leather, being trained at mistmanes on my cleric because resetting mobs aggroed to healing way stronger than they do now, the merge, the first transfers, the desperation, our first taken forts, the energy of 25lvls that just laughed at the enemy at sieges (I still miss Kaaz and his spirt), my first Hot Heart of Magic, the first taking of divine, the proc of my master weapon and the excitment on carving it, ... too many memories, too many friends lost, new friends found.... and I still love the game

      and ofc, my first transformation on sin :D

      something from the open beta in 2009, like 1hour before the server went down (who does still remember the old start screen)

      remember the old levelling animation?
    • Aaah I have a few, but the first one that comes up is from grinding Mist Manes with old friends of mine. This is years ago, but I remember one scene quite clearly: Our chanter went afk, but as she went afk she somehow hit the autorun button and she autorun'd into a bunch of mobs. We were dying of laughter on TeamSpeak, I laughed so much I fell off my chair XD

      Good times.
      All manastones that were socketed in This Forum Post have disap oh nvm it 's 4.75 now
    • Now that you mention Kaaz Vita.

      I remember how we used to try and get people to join our 'noobie' alliances.
      Was so funny taking all them squishies in to uppers in special alliances, haha!

      I also remember that in the first beta people went 'squish' under the elevator at Sanctum crafty hall..teeheehee