Am i missing some thing?

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    • Am i missing some thing?

      Hello everyone, i'm a returning player that took a very long break (around 4.7).
      I have a question regarding stigma stones. When i first login to my cleric, i see its inventory has 5 stigma bag (3 green and 2 blue), on my next char templar it has no stigma bag but 6 quest offer them (including gold stigma).
      This confusing me because it's seem like my cleric is missing some thing, anyone have any ideas?
      By the way, are there anyway to use the korean voice now? I can't use Aion.bat to avoid GF launcher anymore.

    • Characters that did their stigma quests after previous stigma system change cannot remake those quests for the new stigmas.
      (meaning chars that didnt, can still take those quests, the stigmas from quests are all fixed(cannot choose))
      In general all classes take their dps spec stigma trees (including support classes unfortunately). (here u can check which char takes what stigma from the quests)

      All chars that had limited(unenchantable) stigmas recieved bags with appropriate stigma grade(choosable).
      (limited green stigma socketed = 1 green stigma bag, limited blue stigma socketed= 1 blue stigma bag , NO GOLD stigmas were replaced)
      All socketed unlimited stigmas(the enchantable ones) stay the same and are not replaced with bags.

      I hope its easy to understand as i explained it :D
    • yes unfortunately
      Stigma quest from the npc right inside makarna gives random blue OR gold stigma (so there's i dont know lets say 1/10 chance u'd get the right one so its worth doing it) - Just make "makarna stigma quest ally" get 2 groups with healer in each and kill the 1st boss(if u have totally random gorup just kill the normal mode version(spawns 5mins after u start the 1st one aka hardmode is failed and it switches to normal.) Edit: forgot to mention the quest is one time only
      From reshanta there's bundle for 100 insignia of honor that gives u random stigma , u might try your luck there, altho its random class as well so bare that in mind

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