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    • The World Drop gears don't have any "Enmity Boost" stats, so they are mostly for Solo or Support-DPS stuff (you can't be a Full Support with those Set, as it would be hard to keep aggro away if you don't have any negative Enmity).

      Since you are already lvl 73, better go for higher lvl gears especially like "Prigga" Set (with lvl reduction of 75, if possible). "Cutting-Edge" series would be preferable, but "Enhanced" one is also good (based on price and you own luck during SBF).
      Main reason for going for "Prigga" is that from 5.6 onwards some gear sets like Prigga, one of the Maze or Apollon Set?, and the new Instance Set would have a new "PvE" bonus stats in % (like the PvP stats in PvP gears).

      If you want to go for World Drop gears, then the "Demise" Set would be good (try to get one which has a lvl reduction to 75 and has +2 on the Skill). By the way, getting a World Drop Shield might be a good idea for a Chanter, as they don't have any Enmity Boost Stats, and since mostly Physical Shields have a positive Enmity stat, which won't be good for a Chanter, so a "0" Enmity Boost one would be better for a Mace & Shield set on Chanter.

      As for a pure Physical Mace, you only choice would be the "Rune Hero" one.

      All these depends on how much funds you have, as depending on server, the cost of gears could be quite high.

      Like on Hellion, "Demise" Armours usually cost between 10kk-60kk, while Weapons go for 100kk+ usually.
      As for "Prigga", "Cutting-Edge" is usually over 600kk (Weapons go over 1kkk+), while "Enhanced" is over 200kk+ (Weapons over 400kk+).

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    • I dont think that maze will have %pve so you will need prigga or apollon (im cleric and im finishing apollon so i guess you have to do the same) for the dps you would need apollon but dont spend too much cause you will need to farm the narakali anyway.
    • Whether it be DPS or Support, it would be better to go for either "Prigga" (lvl 80) or "Apollon" (lvl 75) or upcoming Narakali Set (lvl 80), because of the new upcoming changes.

      Mythic AC, i.e., "Rune Hero" Set while might be a good set, but it would become weak soon enough, especially when facing harder mobs and considering that you are already lvl 73. Only exception might be the "Rune Hero's Warhammer" as its the only PvE physical Mace out their currently (no news of a new PvE physical Mace even in KR AION 5.8). But if you can afford it, you can try getting the more powerful "High Guard Praetor's Mace", which is a PvP Physical Mace, which could also be used in PvE.

      Changes after 5.6,
      'Narakali' Staff (no EU name for it yet)
      Prigga Legion's Cutting-edge Staff
      Prigga Legion's Enhanced Staff

      Spyro wrote:

      im cleric and im finishing apollon so i guess you have to do the same
      By the way, it seems that they are also dropping the base lvl of "Apollon" set from 80 to 75, in 5.6.
      Also the case with Cleric's is a bit different i think, as currently in-game there is no other 'Healing Boost' Armour Set apart from "Wise Apollon" for Cleric's. Though this does change a bit in 5.6 with 3 more 'Healing Boost' Armour Set getting added in.

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    • Prigga weapons (can +15 them without fail if you use all-powerfull stone with mighty socketing aid) and rune hero armour (AC) +10 and for accesories the runadium/runatorium ones or check the broker for mythical ones (better than eternal war/magic...)
      AC armour for now is fine due to it being cheap and the conditioning giving you offensive stats and no need to use level reduction stones

      in the long run get everything from narakkelli. As it gives the best stats.
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    • As a physical class I'd aim for armour that grants Atk/Crit stats mainly such as Rune Hero, AP, Crucible or if the PvE def is worth it Holy Apollon, Parusha and Cutting-edge Prigga:

      Ancient Parsha14,2%7040
      Holy Apollon7,9%6440
      Sacred Maze4,9%5635
      Prigga Legion Cutting-edge8,3%55n/a
      Prigga Legion Enhanced5,8%48n/a

      Archon Praetor (75 AP) has stats that can be compared to Holy Apollon except for the PvE def.

      If it's about support the best sets for chanter would be Parusha and Holy Apollon (both for cleric) from now on.

      Spyro wrote:

      I dont think that maze will have %pve
      It will, but not much.

      Accessories recommended in the future would be (Holy) Apollon, Kroban or Parusha though since they'll have PvE atk. Kroban will even have very similar stats to the current Apollon accessories though it's level 70 stuff - so I'd go for that stuff first if you don't have Apollon already.

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    • For DPS:
      Holy Apollon Belt and Chain Hood with +3 Split Strike and Vehemence Strike.
      2x Zain, Dalet, Amel, Ved or Alleph Rings with +2 Promise of Earth and Meteor Strike.
      Earrings and Necklace from Narkali or simmilar (whatever gives the most PvE attack percentage that you can get your hands on, Kroban ones should be easy to get from the start).

      Use your CP all on Skillboosts rather than primary stats (like Power), some Accuracy investment is understandable if you fail to hit cap on your own. Also don't waste CP on Earth Transformation or PvE defence % daeva skills.

      If you are the only Chanter in the group (in Pve) you should be DPSing with WOI vision.