We want 4 Master Servers instead of 4 Official-Like servers.

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    • your evidences of my not logical opinion are so great.
      i dont estimate - there were just numbers. It could be replaced by any word like "dead" that you are using. And dont tell me what to do. If I want to say everywhere that this game is dead and still want to play it - it's my choice. I like it. Especially when it provokes some dumbs that I blocked in huge amount cause they dare to open their mouth more than it was required.
      You admit that game is dead, but you act like you hate posts aka "game is desert, leave it while it isnt too late". So, for what was your senseless post made? To provoke me maybe? Well done, next please, I will read and answer with a pleasure.
    • [NICK]MrSlacks wrote:

      Open master server=death to old servers
      in 3 months=death to master server

      New pathces, new graphics, new skills, etc... are muss that game coud survive.


      One of main reasons i stopped playing actively apart from p2w was neverending grind for gear, so I dare to differ..Hey you just got your pvp gear so you can pvp? There's a new patch with much better gear, so you can keep pveing to pvp..I do like the concept you have to "earn" your gear and was never mad about all the manastones breaking etc, but when I got the gear I wanted to feel rewarded and know it will last me long time..how rewarding it is to grind for something ++ and socket it just to realize it will be outdated in no time?

      Mostly rpg mmo players searching deepness not easynesst or quickness. Who want to play rpg mmo game with 2h content? no logic. ROLL PLAYING GAME, you develop your roll in long term period not in1 day. master server atm in Aion Eu=NO GO.

      Master server is grindy, noone will get something 1 day..maybe try to find more info about it before arguing. And actually big part of population wants their nyerk in "1 day", so that's the only doubt about it being popular enough..

      And yes, it will die down eventually..as all servers and all games do, new content or not. But it would be a great fun while it lasts. And something different too, yet still Aion like, not these neverending new same content servers popping up every year or two, but I suppose that's fine?