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    • LOCK the PRICES

      I know this is probably something it is not gonna get viewed by right people but to make things better on the long run imagine if there would be some max-min something in between prices set for all the items in the game. Since the inflation is real in this game, by focusing on better prices with limitation and maybe a model of "pre-order". I'm getting this idea from the Black Desert Online, where market is a lot better than Broker on Aion. Since gear here is breakable upon enchanting thing would be easily implemented.

      Maybe not for all items but at least 66+ items. It would surely hit all the p2w and all the people throwing money into upgrading items selling them for some crazy prices, basically creating an money elitists cry a little bit. But overall it could be better once established.

      What do you guys think? Its not perfect but its better than what we ever had...
    • wont change anything as u can still sell on trade, only difference is that ppl that play only during the evenings a bit and cant spam all day long will have harder time selling items, pretty much we'll revert back to pre 5.4(or was it 5.1? not sure) when there was big broker fee