Need some clarification.

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    • Need some clarification.

      Hello everyone, I've been playing Aion in NA since beta but am now on the EU servers.
      I can't really find any detailed answers online so thought i'd ask here.

      What exactly are the veteran rewards? How do they work?
      From what I have seen, most people claim these are p2w due to the APES from it, but how often can you even receive those?
      I'm also still not sure which client I want to play on does anyone know main differences between both games?

      The management over here seems much better in my opinion though which is a huge plus, but things in-game like the luna craft here is awful.
      On NA we can get a free mount/pet every week if we are lucky enough.
      Why was that not an option here?

      Also, I checked how many people were online on peak times for both NA and EU on the servers I play and EU seems to have a tad bit more which is also a plus, but do you think that will change with the new servers coming out?
    • Like the guy above mentioned, activating a gold pack increases your veteran level by one. You start at 30 and the max is 80. Basically what it does is provide you with fixed items for each level, which are available once per character. You can distribute them 8 times every 6 months, after which they become available again for new characters. This leads to someone with 80/80 having access to 56 untradeable serums and 32 untradeable apes twice a year. The resets happen on 1st January and 1st July.

      Luna stuff is nerfed here, you only get some skins and housing items available for craft.

      About the client, you don't get to choose. You can't have the NA one and play on EU servers. (Not that I know of, someone correct me if you know more on the topic)

    • if you are new in EU , that means your account is starter. That limits you in some cases. The most irritating limit is the broker use. You can't use broker except for buying GOLD PACK. As N00b said above the usage of 1 Gold Pack gives you 1 Veteran Rewards point. Each Veteran points gives you some extras. You can see the rewards for each veteran level in the Shop. Another limitation of the starter account is the CD of instances.
    • Also you will never gain veteran status, will always either be basic or gold pack if your gold pack runs out you will revert back to not being able to use broker etc... This is something that GF needs to look at.