[FAQ]: New Servers

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    • [FAQ]: New Servers

      Q: When can I join the new servers?

      A: They will go live with all the others after the update maintenance.

      Q: Will there be special events to promote the new servers?

      A: We will have special rewards for the players that finish certain feats first on their server, similar to the server first events we had for 5.0 and 5.1. Details will follow after the update maintenance.

      Q: Will there be a special Exp Boost to help players catch up in levels on the new servers?
      A: No, there will be no special Boosts on the new servers.

      Q: Will there be balance surveys to promote the Asmodian faction?
      A: Not in the beginning, no. We will however keep a close eye on the population and will take action if necessary.

      Q: Will Veteran Rewards also work on the new servers?

      A: As the Veteran System is bound to your account, you can of course also create characters on the new servers and assign Veteran Rewards to them. In short: yes, it works on the new servers.

      Q: Will the old Servers be matched with the new ones in cross server activities?
      A: Pangaea will be separate between the new servers and the old ones. Splitting the other activities is sadly more complicated and for the beginning, the old and new servers will be matched there. We are however already working on a solution for this as well and the plan is to separate these activities as soon as possible.