Tower of Challenge nerf - do you want people to quit ?

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    • t0re wrote:

      Ishzark wrote:

      This isn't a game made for fun, it's made for profit
      rly?? U dont seem to understand that ALL games are made for profit, no1 will spend 2 years+ making something for free

      Ishzark wrote:

      When I reached lvl 66, the best equipment I had was lower-level event gifts. I've had to wait until this update to get a leveled armor. What do I need to get better stuff? Grinding. And what do I need for grinding? Better stuff.
      Well the sad thruth is no1 cares to read what they need to do while leveling and even after, and even more sad that the so called experienced players are giving utterly bad advices(speaking regarding some replies here on forums in the past and some yt videos i've watched). As for grinding ... its meant to be like that, gear is meant to be builded up gradually
      I do understand that games are made for profit, but what you don't get is that I'm asking what do we get in exchange. We get overnerfed rewards, crumbling equipment and late "fixes" to make things that were okay much more unrewarding or difficult. What happens with those people who leveled the characters and upgraded their gears before I even created mine? Well, I'll never get that good since my equipment will break when trying to upgrade it. Which means there is a clear disadvantage. If my good gear breaks when I try to upgrade it, I can't farm money to buy another set. I can't farm money to buy a gold pack and unlock the broker. I can't even farm another gear, because I'll have nothing to farm with. And I'm still gearing up, so no "quit crying and go farming" for me, since all I have is Mad Grendal set, which is "good" enough to lose half my HP bar (and I'm a templar, so I have a lot of that) to 2 of those spirits you have to kill for the 5th part of Agent Peregrine's Call (one at a time). I can't even kill one of the mobs you find in the first floor of the Tower of Challenge. So yeah, gear is meant to be build up gradually, but not the same set over and over again because it keeps breaking. If there's people that still play for free, either they geared up before stuff started to break and drop rates shrank, are getting help from whales in their legions or are under High Daeva level (or just extremely stubborn like I am).
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    • Mods can censored whatever they want. But the issue he is mentioning is pissing off a lot of people and it becomes worse with every patch. Months ago they asked us to make support tickets with whatever is the reason for the send logs. No news since then ....
    • Sebivine wrote:

      You just know that you should calm down when there is need for a mod to censor 3 times in 1 sentence xD
      And he didn't even say "what the f..."
      "Soy un poeta sin versos." — Alberto Méndez, Los girasoles ciegos
      "Amore, more, ore, re, probantur amicitiæ." —Latin tongue twister
    • Helkeheri wrote:

      GodShotz wrote:

      make it easier for rangers :(
      Welcome to Ranged Mage Online.No!

      Tower of Challenge most definitely needs to be adjusted slightly for each class because the instance is not balanced. Some classes have it much easier than others.

      Ranger: The issue with a ranger is that alot of their skills require them to have stopped moving to be used. Most other classes have far more skills which can be used whilst moving.

      Gladiator/Templar: The issue here is that they are melee. On the floors with multiple mobs, it becomes difficult due to they all have some kind of laser death skill. (either a reduction in the mobs or remove the laser death). Though they do have much higher defense than other melee.

      Aethertech: Probably the most disadvantaged class in the tower. Not only are they melee, they are front directional, you have to move, stop face the direction you want to hit and then attack. Also with only 1 damage skill capable of being used whilst moving (Burning Cannon Shot)
    • how about no.. :| its tower of challenge not tower of another non aion weird transformation instance :|

      temp can do it, all can ofc for different amount of time , but thats the reality some classes are just faster some are slower
      For last boss however needs extremely op gear on most classes
      PS. i'm not even close to being rly good templar...

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    • Nah, i just pass on templar.
      All my other chars can reach lvl 40 now. AT is cake compared to temp.
      Aoe based heal on low cd, multiple aoe skills with low cd, etc etc.
      SM and Cleric are a lot easyer and faster tho.

      Sitting down after every stage to recover hp is just dumb.
      Plus, im pretty sure i won't spend nearly 3 hours in an instance, i can do on SM in 1.
    • Helkeheri wrote:

      Plus, im pretty sure i won't spend nearly 3 hours in an instance, i can do on SM in 1
      True, well if its the only char u got , need to do it even on temp.
      However i got 2 clers bard and sm , pretty sure when i settle things i wont be doing runs on other chars besides may be up to 20/4 or 28th floor(with stronger chars)