Update 5.6: Baleful Omens

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    • Update 5.6: Baleful Omens

      New Servers, Allies, Improvements and More!

      Ereshkigal has awoken from her slumber and brought great misery to Atreia. After the massive devastation wrought by the Dredgion Invasion, the fight for survival continues unabated. Many Daevas have gone missing since the attack, while a fragment of the Artefact Core was lost. The agents will send Daevas to hunt for them, but they will need to train harder than ever before, for their homeland is in great danger!

      Experience new adventures and great features in update 5.6 – now on the European servers!

      What awaits you:
      Four more instances
      Fight in new PvE instances such as the Tower of Challenge, Narakkalli and Museum of Knowledge. PvP warriors can look forward to epic 96-vs-96 battles in Neviwind Canyon. This instance is open to you for 24 hours and has no limit to the number of entries – PvP to the max! You can also enjoy group battles in the Gold Arena, where Daevas take each other on 6 vs 6.

      You can find more information on the new instances here.

      Wondrous Fresh Start
      • Improved look to the opening area and starting equipment
      • Enhanced visuals in Poeta and Ishalgen
      • More detailed gear for new characters

      Feast your eyes on the gorgeous improved visuals for the opening area and starting equipment. Enjoy these improvements as well as greater detail in the regions of Poeta and Ishalgen. Additionally, your new character will head out on their adventures with equipment graced with more meticulous details. Alongside the four new servers, this is the perfect time to make a fresh new start!

      New Servers[
      • New national servers (DE, FR, PL)
      • New international server (EN)

      Begin a new adventure on one of the four still unpopulated servers: Fregion (DE), Padmarashka (FR), Miren (PL), or the international server Grendal, where you can play with English-speaking AION fans from all over Europe! Storm into battle with your friends today.

      You can find more information on the new servers here.

      Friends and Helpers: Minions
      • Minions will help you with their summoning effects and additional skill effects
      • Extra functions: Pet Loot, Buff Master and Warning

      The new minions are as daredevil as you are! They will stand beside you in even the toughest of battles, providing support with their summoning effects and additional skill effects. Increase your own strength by evolving your minions. Some minions have additional functions as well as their special skills, which you can use for 30 days after paying with Kinah.

      You can find more information on the tough new helpers here.

      Back to Atreia
      • Kata and Pata reward new and returning players

      New and returning players can take advantage of our Angel in Sheep's Clothing Event until 23rd August. Enjoy some cool gifts from Kata and Pata in the starting areas and capitals of Atreia in the form of transformation candy and awesome reward bundles. You can look forward to armour pieces, headgear, weapons, wings, an exclusive title plus a mount for 30 days.

      You can find more information on the event here.

      Want to learn more about update 5.6? Then read our patch notes or check out the update trailer: